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2007-05-20 - 2:27 p.m.

Two late nights, two lazy days. Sometimes it's good to not feel like you have anything to do. I need to get something for dinner, but if I can't be bothered thinking ahead for the rest of the week then I'll just get something for tonight. More on the late nights later, but let's go back to where I was up to.

Friday 11th May was the first of two 6am starts I had before getting a day off to prepare for a week covering for my boss. Nothing really to be said about the day at work, but that night I drinks at the Exchange with Nathan and his brother (Jules and Dan also turned up, which is becoming quite common as they live just down the road) and then dinner across the street- it was the last I was to see of my partner in crime for 9 weeks. I may have already covered this, but he's off to Spain, Morocco and Tunisia. Actually I do remember covering this, becuse I mentioned that Kellee was planning a 15 day detox and that Lucy will need to step up to the plate to keep me sane.

After another morning at work on Saturday, I dropped by my parents' place for a couple of hours before heading down to Wollongong for dinner for Liz's 30th. Liz is one of the Uni gang, who currently lives in Canberra, but her family is still in the 'Gong. The cafe was less than ordinary really, but I got to catch up with Liz, as well as Jody, Anthony and their bub, Cristan, Birch & Frantz, Tara & Tristan and Meaghan. The next day was Mother's Day, which I've already covered.

So last week I was sitting in for the boss, basically Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (give or take). It gave me a chance to catch up on a few things, get a feel for some of his responsibilities as I have done previously, and I guess do something different. Only problem is when you're filling in for someone for a week, they don't need to turn that much over to you- a lot of what he has on his plate could wait, so I was struggling to find things to fill my days up at times. I did a little bit of preparation for the sessions I start presenting on Tuesday, and I'm not exactly nervous right now but I definitely will be when I'm standing up in front of people. After presenting on Tuesday and Friday I'll really have a better idea of where I am in terms of what I've got to work on.

I pretty much did grocery shopping for each day's dinner after work, and apart from trivia on Wednesday when I had a few drinks and felt a little tired the next morning my evenings were pretty relaxed (compared to how I used to feel coming home when I did Monday-Friday for 9 months in 2005). Thursday night Lucy and I went shopping for our party, and Friday I left work at about 4pm so that I could get to the Post Office in time to pick up my Ipod (which itself is now fine, but the damn computer isn't recognising it), and found myself ready for the party a couple of hours early.

So the party was a House Re-warming, welcoming Lucy to the equation, and it was a small but enjoyable affair. I'm very proud of Lucy for not getting too down about the slack friends that bailed on her, and instead putting in the hard yards until 5am, and fielding inappropriate questions from a very drunk Mark in good humour :)

Despite some no-shows we didn't significantly over cater, and the usual toxic punch was demolished, mainly by myself, Lucy and Mark. Steve turned up early, as he came straight from work, and we had some takeaway for dinner before the other guests arrived. I made Mojitos for a select few, punctuated my punch drinking with a few beers just to slow me down a bit, and by the end of the night there were Tequila shots and Black Russians. My sister and Mark were the next to arrive, and also present were Kellee & Claire, Paris & Alex, my brother, Meegs and Kim & Marty. The bulk of people had left by midnight, but Kim & Marty (who came late) stayed a reasonable while, and then it was down to Lucy, Mark and I to kick on until Lucy went to bed and Mark passed out on the floor at about 5am. Mark and I hadn't been riotously drunk together for a while, and we kept Lucy amused with so called "man-love", and I was peer pressured into doing a shot of Tequila that I already knew was going to be terrible. A couple of things had Lucy rolling around on the floor, or banging her knee into the dishwasher, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were (I do remember the traditional punch spillage that occurs towards the end of the night).

Next "morning" I got up a little after midday, managed to fill in a couple of hours and then slept for almost another three. Then last night I went to dinner in Chinatown for Kellee and Val's combined birthdays (and probably just an excuse to have dinner). The rest of the night was spent at the Bank in Newtown, just Kellee, Claire and I, which seems to be a pretty good dynamic- I don't feel like a third wheel and it's awesome to see Kellee so happy and confident. Home by about 5am, a fair amount of drinks but nowhere near the amount of the night before- witness me writing in here at 3pm instead of crawling back into bed for a few hours.

That's kinda all I have for now- I might go and start doing those things that I don't have to do if I don't feel like it ;)


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