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2007-05-15 - 8:51 p.m.

So apart from my last entry, I was up to the 1st of May. 3 days of training to present a four hour session- or more to the point, numerous four hour sessions. I don't mean to make it sound like that was overkill- if anything I could have handled another day- though not in a row. I'm not going to know how I'm going to react to delivering this material which is new to me to a room of strangers until I actually do it, but hopefully some of the 3 days did rub off on me. On the middle night I went to trivia, and I believe that was the night we actually won- albeit by SMSing my brother to find out the answers to a couple of sport questions worth a lot of points.

Friday at work was a normal 6am start- tacked onto the end of three 8am starts I was pretty tired by the end of it. That night I caught a taxi around to Tara's place in Glebe, for her "House-cooling" as I like to put it- they were moving out the next day. Saw a bunch of Uni people I haven't seen in a while- from my main group of friends there was Birch, Meaghan and later Jules and Dan, but there were also friends of Tara's like Sally (not Jo's Sally) that I don't see very often and her ex-flatmate Suzy who I probably haven't seen in about 8 years. Tara made a mean Mojito with Havana Club Rum, and after a few of those we went up to the Nag's Head for dinner before returning to Tara's house for some red wine. In spite of all the drinks it wasn't a particularly late night. I caught a taxi home after walking up to Parramatta road with the remaining guests (we probably would have stayed longer if they weren't moving the next day).

So, Saturday morning I was woken up by my Dad phoning to pester me for more details about the planned trip to Singapore and San Fran in December, and then Nathan dropping by because the Real Estate were showing people through his place. We probably watched some DVDs or something, but sometime later I went up to Newtown with Nathan because he needed to get travel insurance for his trip and lo-and-behold I actually booked my flights to San Francisco and Singapore. I paid a $100 deposit, but I have plenty of room on my credit card for the balance, which is nice given that I've already paid for my New York flight. That night I took the train to Parramatta for Marty's party- the plan was to hitch a lift back with Mark and Phoebe but they came and went so quickly that in the end I decided to crash for the night. The highlight of the night would have to have been the karaoke ("Sing Star")- Ross and Max (never mind if I introduce names I've never mentioned before) singing Spice Girls, and me screaming my way through "Tutti Frutti", my voice in only just recovering (although I'm sure Wednesday night had something to do with that as well, but more on that later).

Next morning I was up before 9am, caught a train from Parramatta to Marrickville, home by 10.30am, had a quick shower, got my work stuff together and then drove my car up to Newtown for a quicker trip to-and-from the city. Caught a train into the city and met up with the ex-Entertainment Centre folk at Blackbird Cafe at midday. Wendy was there with her daughter Jasmine who is 7 (I remember Wendy getting pregnant towards the end of the Ent. Cent. days- how has it been that long?) and her boyfriend; there was Bek, Casey, Ben, Matt, Terry and Steve (that's old faithful Steve who as well as being an ex-Ent. Cent. person is my ex-flatmate twice over now and my school friend dating back to about 1985). So it was good to catch up, particularly with those I hadn't seen in many years. I jumped on a train back to Newtown at about 2pm and was at work for a 3pm-midnight shift. I don't specifically remember but I'm pretty sure I slept well that night. Monday night (7th May)was my last night shift (since my previous last night shift I'd had 2 days off-4 days on-1 off and then 2 nights) and then a proper 3 day break which I figured I should savour, since after that my roster looked something like two 6am starts-1 day off- five 8am starts- 2 days off- two more 6ams- 3 night shifts and then finally another proper 3 day break.

I slept for ages on Tuesday, and did very little all day except wander down the street for some groceries. I was at least planning on cooking for Lucy (Lamb, Haloumi and Sundried Tomato Kebabs, which I ended up using beef for, and drastically overcooking due to bad light) but as it turned out I invited Kellee and Nathan around as well, and ended up having a reasonable amount of wine with Kellee. Wednesday I felt just as lazy, and really the only constructive thing I did was organise to get my ipod fixed- which in itself was an ordeal which I'm not going to bother going into a week later. I was going to give trivia a miss due to a planned dinner with work people in Ultimo (where we ate chicken giblets and pigs ears), but we finished up pretty early so it was trivia after all. Compared to the week before we were pretty abysmal, but at some point Erin turned up, and I happened to know she was between jobs (not in the euphemistic sense- she actually had one lined up), and I'd pretty much done nothing in my two days off to date and didn't really have to do much the next day so I figured "bugger it, lets get drunk".

Erin was there with some people she'd just started singing in a band with, and Meegs and Fi turned up for a short while, and by about 2am we were on our way from the Townie to the Zanzibar because the consensus was that we needed somewhere that would still sell us wine in a bottle so we could smuggle it back to Erin's place. It didn't quite work out that way, though in a series of minor miracles we were actually let into the Zanzibar, they actually did sell us two bottles of wine (caps/corks removed as you'd expect), and the only part that didn't go to plan was when they saw Erin try to put a bottle in her bag- and all that meant was that we had to drink the wine at the Zanzibar. It's tragic, it's messy, but there's something great about a Wednesday night that was never supposed to be anything big ending at around 6am. Reminiscent of the time a certain nameless pal and I ended up drinking at the Zanzibar and stalking a certain nameless idol of hers.

So anyway, we ended up back at Erin's house, and I ended up trying on another one of her dresses and promising to shave my legs again and wear it somewhere with a pair of Jo's heels. Enough said? Three of us ended up crashing at Erin's place, and I wandered home while the others were still asleep or passed out at about 10am. Needless to say I crashed for a while, but I still managed to do some groceries in the late afternoon, and buy a Mothers' Day present in Newtown. And I cooked dinner. And I was still tired enough to get to sleep at a decent hour in preparation for my 6am start on Friday.


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