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2007-05-13 - 10:31 p.m.

Eek- I'm getting behind in my updating (and if I'm not up-to-date with what I've been doing there's little chance I'll actually start getting inside my head). I was up to the beginning of May, and am therefore almost two weeks behind, but for some reason I don't feel like making a dent today. Okay well maybe I'll just do today and see where I go from there.

Today was a solitary day off between two morning shifts (Friday and Saturday) and five days of Monday-to-Friday work starting tomorrow. I had heaps I wanted to do, and in the end, getting up to date in here was pretty much the only thing I didn't get to. Dragged myself out of bed a little after 8.30am to meet the family on King Street for Mothers' Day breakfast (second year we've done that), and by the time I'd got home it was close to midday. Still, usually I'd have barely been out of bed by then. So I did some washing, a bit of housecleaning, spoke to Jo for a bit, did a spot of grocery shopping (bought Kangaroo Fillet, Salmon Fillet and Veal Cutlet, and mixed salad, potatoes and asparagus to go with them- I think I've done too much eating out recently and so I'm trying to stay inspired to cook at home) and then went for a run. Ran the course I've been more or less following since February non-stop for the first time ever (not even at traffic lights- a total of over 10km). Incidentally Nathan flew out today for nine weeks in Spain, Morroco and Tunisia- I think I wanted to make sure I didn't slack off while he was gone so I got straight into it.

So, nine weeks without my partner in crime. And against my wishes Kellee is planning to detox sometime soon (my wishes were simply that she wait until Nathan was back), plus she's in the throes and glows of a new relationship. Lucy had better be prepared for a bit of pub-oriented coersion ;)

That's all I've got for now. The other thing on my to-do list tonight was read some more of "100 Years of Solitude", which I've also done. I think it had been over a week since I'd done any reading or running, but I'm back on track now.


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