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2009-08-02 - 7:15 p.m.

Well I didn't get my monthly entry in for July, in part because I didn't get my usual reminder, and in part because I was sick for the last 2 days of the month and barely got out of bed.

Now for as long as I get invited back to Q&A I can at least entertain you with what set I played, and I will indeed be returning in a couple of weeks time for the Sly Fox Debut (2nd Friday of each month now rather than 3rd Saturday).

My July effort felt a little haphazard- I burnt a CD which didn't work on the night so quite a few of my planned songs for the night didn't get a run, and I had meant to bring a Christmas CD to go with the "Christmas in July" theme which I just plain forgot (the song I was going to play was "Oi To The World" by No Doubt), and it just didn't feel as good as June- I'll definitely prepare more for the Sly Fox.

So my set was:

They Might Be Giants- New York City
Devo- Girl U Want
Dresden Dolls- Girl Anachronism
REM- It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Smashing Pumpkins- Zero
Ratcat- That Aint Bad
Gelbison- All The Rage
Dappled Cities- Holy Chord
The Strokes- Last Nite
The White Stripes- Hotel Yorba
Pulp- Do You Remember The First Time?
The Cure- Close To Me
The Smiths- This Charming Man
David Bowie- China Girl
Architecture in Helsinki- Wishbone
Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
Placebo- Special K
Atomic Swing- Stone Me Into The Groove

I've been to a couple of gigs in the last week as well- Smudge at the Annandale last Sunday followed by the Flaming Lips at the Hordern on Tuesday (both were as good as expected but not as good as the last time I saw them- though for Smudge I have a clearer memory of their set this time around). This Friday is the White Album gig (Chris Cheyney, Phil Jamieson, Josh Pyke and Tim Rogers) at the Opera House- all these things I bought tickets to ages ago are coming up extremely quickly- it'll be Christmas before I know it.

That's all I have for now.


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