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2009-08-16 - 7:47 p.m.

Since Jo got back from the US, and particularly since my Wedding, I haven't had very many nights where I've quite obviously stayed out longer than I needed to. Friday night was however one such night. Not that I regret having a big one but it's just amusing how many points at which I could have called it a night were ignored. Mark has also dramatically cut down on such nights- before Jo went to the US it wasn't uncommon for her and Phoebe to go home and Mark and I to stay at the Townie until close. We were in fine form on Friday night though, and poor Steve had no choice but to be dragged along until the very end given that he had to stay at one of our places and Jo and Phoebe had long since gone home.

After the Sly Fox, we miraculously got into the Townie after 3am and very drunk (must have been the DJ cases), and as it drew closer to Townie closing time, I decided not to go back to Kitty's house with her and Curley- not because it was time to go home but because she couldn't guarantee they'd be up more than an hour. I almost did my patented "stay at the Townie despite everyone I know having left" trick, however I decided it was a dumb idea and when I left Steve and Mark were still outside. So we jumped into a cab to Marrickville, and started discussing who would get into more trouble if the 3 of us turned up and continued drinking. Both Mark and I decided it was unadvisable to drink at our places, but we got the cab to drop us off at Mark's place so he could pick up some alcohol and we could drink in the park. We didn't know what park, or why we were suddenly seventeen. But it's funny thinking back on it. And it was too cold so Steve got his wish and the two of us walked back to my place and Mark turned around and went back home after having at most a sip of... I don't know, and not getting any closer to a park.

I was very happy with my set this time around, particularly because there were so many people there to gauge the reaction of. I know I need to work on my transitions between songs, and I'm looking forward to doing so when I'm back in October. But I actually had drunk people requesting songs, and I was actually able to play one (well, they asked for Blondie's "Atomic" but they got "Heart of Glass"). And my contingent rivalled my debut night- thanks to Meegs, Lucy, Rowan, Blanche, Chris, Nathan, Nat, Tristian, Steve, Mark, Phoebe and their friend Leah who I've met (and discussed 80s new romantic music with) on numerous occasions. And Jo of course.

Dinner at Sultan's Table was also good, but damn that place is loud- I was suffering some serious "end of the table syndrome".

Today on a glorious summer-feeling day we drove to Lilyfield with Nathan and Nat, caught the light rail into the Fish Markets for Yum Cha, briefly entertained the idea of buying some $120/kg truffled Pecorino cheese from the Deli at the Fish Markets (another time perhaps) and walked off the Yum Cha back to Lilyfield. That whole area- where the light rail runs between Lilyfield and Pyrmont, including Glebe Point, is unfamiliar territory to me and it almost feels like I'm walking around another city (some parts and houses reminded me a little of Berkeley).

And I shall leave you with my setlist for Friday night:

1. Ash- Girl From Mars (last minute decision to start with this one)
2. Jamie T- Sticks and Stones (went down like a lead balloon, but I needed to try some new music- at least it was at the start of the set).
3. Elvis Costello- Pump it Up
4. Hot Hot Heat- Bandages
5. Arctic Monkeys- I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
6. Pulp- Do You Remember The First Time?
7. The Smiths- Ask
8. The Cure- Close to Me
9. The Flaming Lips- The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
10.New Order- 60 Miles An Hour (damn cue button didn't do what it was supposed to so the 20 second lead in kinda spoilt this one).
11.Depeche Mode- Just Can't Get Enough
12.Blondie- Heart of Glass
13.Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
14.They Might Be Giants- 'Til My Head Falls Off (the highlight of the set for me- I loved watching people going off to what is essentially an obscure song by a geeky band, and it almost didn't make the set).
15.Atomic Swing- Stone Me Into The Groove
16.David Bowie- Queen Bitch
17.The Beatles- I Saw Her Standing There
18.The Pixies- Debaser


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