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2009-05-31 - 10:36 p.m.

I could pretty much cut and paste the first line of my last entry- even without a wedding to plan it's been difficult to get around to writing in here this month. And of course more than two months down the track it gets more difficult to write about the day itself or even the honeymoon. And I don't know that I need to- I don't even really know if I remember how I felt in the days leading up to the wedding, and as for the day itself, well we spent more than $10,000 making sure it was captured in photographs and on video. The honeymoon- I still have about half of it to upload to Facebook. Yeah, my diary went multimedia some time ago.

This month... I've been doing the no drinking thing for 3 weeks of it (this is the third time I've done a non-drinking month after March '05 and Feb/March '07). The night before I starting "not drinking" was a riotously drunken night ending with Karaoke at the Sly Fox. We have rocking new furniture but I'll save the "what we want to do to our apartment" entry for another time.

In fact, I'll save everything else for another time. I just had to make sure I didn't let a month slip by- I fully expect Meegs to be disappointed in this entry, unless I can slip something in that she didn't already know.

Did you know I did gymnastics for about a year in Year 8 or 9? I'd almost forgotten myself...


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