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2008-01-20 - 8:15 p.m.

So it's back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks off. I kind of went all obsessive with pictures and tags and descriptions on Facebook so I'm not quite ready to go into detail about Costa Rica yet (I think the pictures tell a good story :)

I'll be happy to get this first day back at work out of the way. I need to convince myself once again that I can handle this job- potentially long term. I was always performing the role with the intention of taking it on permanently, but it's different now to filling in for 2 months before handing things over while I go overseas. Now I'm in charge until they decide to give me the job officially or give it to someone else. I already have some idea of the situations that may have arisen while I was away that I'm going to have to deal with, and I'm feeling a little... nervous or something about coming back. The last 2 6 week breaks I've had, I've come back to the shift job, where things don't even really carry on from day to day, let alone potentially be still waiting to be acted on from before you left.

Welcome to the real world.


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