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2008-01-17 - 3:03 p.m.

I'm currently in the transit lounge of Singapore's Changi Airport, with one leg of a 36 hour trip home to go. The transit lounge is fantastic actually, there are plenty of places to sleep without feeling like a derelict, but I'm avoiding sleep since I slept well on my overnight flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong and am hoping to do the same on my flight from Singapore to Sydney (which gets in at 7am tomorrow morning, so if I do sleep well I'll have the day ahead of me and will be back on Sydney time straight away).

Costa Rica was fantastic, and I plan on writing all about it in here this weekend (as well as uploading lots of pictures onto facebook). Singapore and San Fran I kept up to date with in my pen-and-paper diary, but for the benefit of my loyal readers I'll jot down some of the highlights after I've written about Costa Rica.

I have the bittersweet feeling at the moment of it being good to be going home after 6 weeks away but not good that Jo isn't coming home with me (fingers crossed the next big plane trip will be her coming home).

Yeah, so that's all I have to say for now.


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