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2007-12-07 - 10:00 p.m.

I'm as ready as I can expect to be the night before the night before I fly out of the country for 6 weeks. I can't pack everything when there's still a day to go, but I have packed most of my clothes, and I have a list. And inevitably I get up on the morning of my flight and find I've done everything and I've just got to wait around for my lift, or my taxi as the case may be. So I'm not too stressed but I'm sure I'll forget something. As long as it's not my passport; flight,tour and accommodation info/vouchers or a certain piece of jewelery it's not the end of the world. I am supposed to get Jo a pudding cloth sometime between now and Sunday morning though.

It's muggy and hot tonight- pretty much what I'm expecting Singapore to be like. I really am looking forward to each leg of this trip (although I'm kinda nervous about the unknown factor of Costa Rica). I don't feel entirely organised in that I haven't got any Christmas presents, we haven't organised anything for the weekend before Christmas even though the plan is to go to Yosemite and I don't know how I am going to give Jo the ring yet. But I'm at that point now where I'm itching to get on the plane and I'll deal with everything else later.

Tomorrow I've got Terry's wedding- talk about cutting it fine, or packing in the events, or whatever you want to talk about. It's in North Sydney at midday and the reception is in the Church grounds and only goes until 4pm so I won't be too rushed (although I hope Woolworths Metro in the city is still open when I get there after the reception so I can get this pudding cloth).

Since I last wrote... I got ridiculously drunk at/after my work Christmas Party and wondered several times if such behaviour was appropriate for a manager. Backed up (well, in a mild way) on the Saturday night with Birch's 30th at the Clarendon in Surry Hills. Worked Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, fairly long days in an attempt to get everything I needed to get done before taking 5 weeks off. Went to trivia on Wednesday then down to the Rose. I'm glad Meegs and I made an appearance- it was such a contrast to the week before, when there were people there I hadn't seen in years- this time it was just Meegs and I and a couple of familiar faces here and there. It'll be nice if we have at least some representation each week- that's right, it will take an army of us to achieve what to Fordie was a given.

And I've been packing, and loading up my Ipod (even though I hardly tend to use it when I'm travelling surprisingly), and I met Julie's baby Thomas down at Kelby's Cafe this afternoon, and I've been talking to Jo about how excited we both are to be only days away from being together again. That's all I have really. I might do some minimal updating, or I might do the pen-and-paper diary thing and give you all an overview when I get back. But I promise I'll report back on the ring situation!

So just in case, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year loyal readers. Let's do it all again next year.


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