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2007-03-30 - 1:05 p.m.

So I'm helping Lucy move her stuff into the spare room tomorrow, and I guess she's moving in officially the day after. I'm looking forward to a new dynamic, and I like that it's such a significant event for her- finally moving out of home- though I am slightly worried that I'll be lynched by her family tomorrow for taking her away.

With Steve, it really just felt like "yeah why not" for him and it was always pretty certain that he'd move back to the Shire when soccer season started, and he could probably live at home until he was 40 and think nothing of it. Lucy on the other hand has at different times felt like it was time to get out for 5 years, but it has never been a practical option before. I never felt the need to "prepare" the place for Steve moving in, but I don't think he really cared if the place felt like home or not. I told Lucy I was keen to "Lucify" some of the common areas so that it didn't feel like she was just renting a room in a house. I'll let you know how that goes in a couple of weeks ;) I'm also going to give her some time to settle in and feel at home before inviting people around for dinner after work as I've been doing fairly regularly recently. Though I do have a goat leg in the freezer that Kellee gave me to cook at some point.

So after working from 3pm 'til midnight tonight I'll be up bright and early tomorrow picking up a van from Paris (who I know well enough but really only as a friend of Lucy and Meegs) in Botany at about 8.30am, driving to Kellyville to load it up and come back, and then hopefully Steve will be around at about lunchtime to pick up the rest of his stuff and drop off the keys. And then it's off to work again at 3pm. It'll be an exhausting day and I'll definitely have earned a sleep in on Sunday.


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