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2007-04-04 - 9:48 p.m.

Gah. I've managed to wake up this afternoon with the beginnings of a cold. Maybe it had something to do with drinking too much last night and sitting out on the balcony in shorts and t-shirt. Although it really started when I emptied the dusty vacuum cleaner bag. Can something akin to hay fever set off an actual fever? Anyway, I was planning on writing in my pen-and-paper diary and in here tonight, but all I felt like doing was sitting on the couch watching TV. I feel just crappy enough to take a legitimate sick day tomorrow but I can't bring myself to do it because I know my deputy is on leave. Perhaps I'll leave early and formulate a contingency plan for the next day just in case.

I slept in until close to 2pm today as well, so I'm unlikely to get to sleep before midnight. Oh well, enough whining.

So- last cycle. Started on a Tuesday. Had a couple of new people start which made the three days fairly hectic. Went for my longest run yet with Nathan after work. Lucy moved some stuff over here Tuesday night, but her foot came off second best to a piece of glass on the night before we were supposed to be moving her big stuff in, so that's happening this weekend instead. Wednesday I'm pretty sure I just had a quiet night, watching first of the new series of "The Chaser" among other things. Thursday night I caught up with Tara in Glebe. We went to a Polish place for dinner which in hindsight was fairly average and pricey but it was good to catch up nonetheless. Nothing memorable on Friday. Saturday I went to Yum Cha with Nathan before work (this was the day I was planning on getting up at 7am and helping Lucy move). Sunday I went for a walk with Nathan before work, and bought myself a case of beer so I'd have something to drink when I got back from my last night shift.

Monday 2/4 (first day off) I slept in until after midday, did a few things around the house, went for a short run (stupidly trusted my brother's assurance that it was okay to run with a 30GB non-mini ipod and as a result will need to get it serviced), had some leftovers for dinner, watched somme TV and wrote in my pen-and-paper diary. Tuesday was quite productive, got up before 10am, did some grocery shopping, some more house cleaning, started working on dinner (which required marinating). Last night I had Nathan, Kellee and her new girlfriend Claire around for dinner. I made a Tandoori leg of goat (Kellee got the meat from her Mum, who has a habit of loading her up with supplies whenever she goes home or her Mum comes down, and insisted that I do something with it), and had a fair amount of wine and beer, which as I said was probably not good for my then latent cold. And today I've done nothing bar clean up after last night and hang out some washing. Now I'm faced with the dilema of going to bed and potentially not being able to sleep for a few hours, or trying to kill an hour or so when I really don't feel like doing anything bar going to bed.


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