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2007-03-26 - 11:12 p.m.

I've had a busy and productive 3 days off, which is good. Flash back to a month or so ago and I really needed one or two quiet, non-eventful breaks, but after a while I needed to feel like I wasn't becoming a recluse. Apparently it's become evident that I'm being tighter with my money these days, which on one hand I should be given my situation, but on the other hand I shouldn't let it change the way I do things too much. The month without alcohol was good health-wise and in the interests of saving money, but now I'm heading into bonus-and-new-base-salary month, I should be able to live a little and not feel too guilty.

Friday was my last night of last cycle, but for various reasons I worked 12pm-7pm and thus afforded myself a free night that I otherwise wouldn't have had (unless it had been a night where I rocked up at the Townie at 1am and stayed until close. After work I met up with Nathan at a small bar in Glebe, along with some friends of his and friends-of-friends of his, which turned into a pretty fun night. I got to the bar at about 9.30pm, and we stayed until it closed at 2am, then caught a Taxi to King St, despite being pretty sure a big group of people wouldn't be let in anywhere that late. After trying the Townie, The Zanzibar and Kelly's (at each place therewas at least a few people who would have got in but law of averages says that by 2.30am at least one out of a group of 8 people is going to have had too much), Nathan and some others went back to the house of two of the girls, and I went home, because taking a taxi back to Glebe after taking one to Newtown and then having to get back to Marrickville would just be silly. Good to know I'm learning to know when to stop.

I got home at about 3am, then after some time called Jo, and by the end of all that I probably didn't get to sleep until close to 5am. I was woken up by Nathan calling at about 11.30am asking if I'd been down to vote yet. We both had hangovers but evidently he'd had more trouble sleeping given that he would have got home significantly later than me yet he was the one calling. So we voted, had a bite to eat and had a beer down the road (naturally, given that hours earlier we'd been hungover), before eventually going to Nathan's friend Cameron's place for a BBQ which I must say they (Cameron, his flatmate and their respective girlfriends) pulled off magnificently. There was a BBQ roasted pork and beef, and a whole salmon which was some of the best fish I'd had in a long time. I had to leave at about 8pm to go to my sister's party, which I didn't stay long at because I was pretty tired and didn't know a lot of people there.

That day-and-a-half felt like a weekend on it's own, but I was up yesterday morning, armed with an extra hour thanks to the end of daylight saving (it's always a bit depressing when daylight saving ends, especially when it coincides with a temperature drop of 20 degrees (from 35 degrees celcius at around midday Saturday) that together seems to scream that Summer is really over. I spoke to Lucy on Saturday afternoon and we decided that she would move in next Saturday (quite impressive how quickly it's all moved along), so I spent significant amounts of yesterday and today cleaning the house and making sure for example that Lucy had designated bathroom cupboard space, and that the kitchen made sense to someone other than me (the pots and pans cupboard probably still needs some work but I'm sure it's not the first thing Lucy will look at :)

I also had a couple more beers and played some pool at the Exchange yesterday evening with Nathan and his friend Chris (and then went to bed surprisingly early for a day in which I had no early morning the next day), and today other than cleaning the bathroom I went shopping, and then at the last minute (kinda- I'd made tentative plans and then forgotten about them) had Kellee and Nathan around for dinner. And earlier my brother came around and helped me reconfigure my I-pod and gave me a bunch of "House" episodes that he'd downloaded for me so I've got plenty to keep me busy.

I need to spend more time looking for jobs in the US on my days off- I usually find them on quiet arvo shifts, and then finally apply for them on days off, but I really should be looking harder. It's strange how quickly things change- my last changeover day (which I haven't even covered in here) was a bit depressing because I had nothing to do- these 3 days off have been so full, and there are still things I wanted to do but didn't (eg going for a run- hopefully I'll fit one in tomorrow), and in the next week I'm going to be helping Lucy move in here, plus I'll have cooking, watching "House" (and the return of The Chaser tomorrow night), running, looking for jobs.

It's not even April yet but it'll be May before I know it...


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