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2007-02-08 - 11:51 p.m.

Well, the 8 hours sleep thing didn't work out quite the way I had planned, but I feel like I've already had a productive few days off, and I've still got one left. It's hard to convince yourself to get out of bed when you don't actually have anything you have to do. So after resetting my 10am alarm yesterday to 11am, I proceeded to sleep another couple of hours past that before getting out of bed.

It took me proabably a couple of hours before I dragged myself down the road to do some shopping, just for that night's dinner (I wasn't ready for a big shop), but as I expected the walk woke me up a little. Not quite enough to get me writing the job application I was planning to write mind you.

It's funny how things turn out- I had half a mind to cancel on Lucy (we had tentative plans to go to the pub, as mentioned in previous entry)- just because I didn't really feel like going to the pub (and not even because of the not drinking thing), but having said that I would have happily done dinner or seen a movie or something with her, it was just the pub I wasn't ultra keen on. But then I thought "bugger it, I'l go- I'll make myself dinner at home and I'll walk all the way to Ersineville and I'll feel all energetic". Then it started raining, and half of that plan went out the window. Then Lucy suggested dinner, and I suggested she come over here, as I'd already decided on dinner for the night. But then Lucy had to raincheck (in a big, literal way ;), and so I stayed at home and got my job application done after all, and had an entirely productive night. Except apparently Meegs doesn't like me anymore ;)

Then today I slept until about 11.30am or so, got up, did a thorough clean of the bathroom and also mopped the kitchen and laundry, then walked down the road for a couple of grocery items before heading down to Marrickville Metro in the car for a full on shop.

Made a very nice squid stuffed with black pudding in a sauce of cherry tomatoes, garlic and chilli for Nathan and Steve, and watched them drink a bottle of wine while I stuck to water and lemon squash. Once you get past that first night of temptation (pretty much the first night I did anything social since Saturday night) it's easy. Maybe I'll stretch it out more than a month- but let's not get carried away.

Also yesterday I wrote a reasonable amount in my pen-and-paper diary, finally finishing the 390 page exercise book I'd been using since November 2000. I used to go through one of those a year. I guess that was before diaryland, but nonetheless, there was at least a year where I kept no real journal (I did write a lot of emails and make a lot of phone calls though). I'll transcribe what I wrote about a really cool sounding job in the US for my next entry.


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