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2007-02-07 - 12:36 a.m.

I'm getting sick of sleeping half the day, which puts me in two minds about what do do when I get back from an afternoon shift. On one hand, I think that on the days I sleep in until after 11am it wouldn't matter if I went to bed at midnight or 3am, so I think I should stay up so I'm getting more out of my day on the whole. On the other, I figure that staying up late probably has something to do with me getting up late, so I should try getting up earlier, then going to bed not long after I get home (which I'm more likely to do because I'll be more tired having been up for longer).

So anyway, my plan tonight (and maybe this can be an ongoing thing) is to set my alarm for 8 hours from when I go to bed. If I'm feeling enthusiastic I might stay up writing in here until 2am, but that's no reason to sleep past 10am.

I last wrote last Monday, and I can't recall doing much on the two days I had off- except doing some grocery shopping, cooking at home both nights and going for a walk with Nathan on one of the evenings. On Wednesday I worked even though it was officially a day off- it was pretty much in return for having New Year's Eve off. Kellee and I went down the road to the pub for a couple of beers after work and I ended up inviting her back for dinner and polishing off quite a bit of red wine for a school night.

Thursday and Friday were nondescript work days- or perhaps typical work days is more the case. Friday night I had Mark, Phoebe and Nathan around for cards (Steve joined us after going down the road to watch Sydney FC lose the soccer), and once again had a lot to drink. I went to bed about 3am woke up the next morning not entirely full of energy for the wedding I was going to. I wandered down the road to get a card, and something quick for breakfast, ironed my clothes and set off for the train station a little before 2pm. After a train to Circular Quay I took a Ferry to Watson's Bay (a bit of a throwback to my childhood, but it turned out to be lot less hassle than a bus, which my sister opted for), was worried about having to linger by myself for the hour I was early, but forgot that the older generation like to get everywhere with plenty of time to spare, so I was met at the wharf by my Dad and we killed time at the nearby pub.

The wedding was for a first cousin on my mother's side who I haven't seen in quite a while, and was pretty good. There was a lot of time between the ceremony and the reception while photos were being taken, even though the reception was only metres away, so more drinking in the sun was done in the interim. I managed to get very drunk (not measurable by any misadventure at the wedding or anything) between the constantly full champagne glass, the obligatory red wine with dinner, a few beers and some potent croatian schnapps. The main reason I can say I was very drunk was that after splitting a taxi with my sister and her boyfriend back to the Inner West, I felt the need to go to the Townie- in my suit- discovering there was noone I knew there (Nathan couldn't be lured away from Glebe and then my phone died)- proceeded to drink only water, poked my head into the Bank and the Zanzibar, had nothing to drink anywhere after the wedding but was still quite drunk 3 pubs later.

I made a snap decision last week to do another month of drinking after said wedding had passed. I think you can see why. Steve was trying to entice me to hold off a week so he had someone to have a few drinks with this week and then he'd do it with me, and when I was making plans with Lucy for Wednesday I was thinking "I can always start the day after..." but with that attitude it's kinda defeating the purpose of not drinking. I'll head up to the Rose tomorrow and not drink- you haven't really started a month of not drinking until you have spent a night at a pub not drinking.

So anyway, the day of the wedding would have been my fourth morning but I had the day off (I'm working an afternoon on a day off in a couple of weeks instead), and Sunday, Monday and tonight completed my cycle with a twist.

Now, to see if I get out of bed before 10am tomorrow...


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