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2007-02-09 - 10:30 p.m.

I found a job that I think I'd really like to do. The only problem with that is that I get so attached to an idea when I like it that I only focus on it singularly until I know whether I can move forward with it or put it behind me. Come to think of it, I used to do that even for things I wasn't totally sold on- take the job I applied for before I started working in this one for example.

So this one is a Senior Scientist, Wine- in Sonoma which is pretty much part of the Napa Valley, 40 minutes north of San Francisco. Note the "Senior Scientist, Wine" rather than "Senior Wine Scientist", implying that they are looking for someone with a reasonableamount of lab experience, but not necessarily in the industry.

Forget about the fact that whatever job I end up with I'll be terrified of leaving the familiarity of my first real job for something I know little about, new people and a new country. All that aside imagine spending most of my time working with wine! And gaining supervisry experience amongst people who have only ever known me as a supervisor- as opposed to the hazy "used to be peers and we still see each other that way" situation, which would be 10 times worse if I got a promotion and had to manage the likes of (names removed to protect the stupid).

Sure it could be even more difficult- look at the flak my last manager copped because she walked straight into the lab and had to manage people who had been there for years. But I'd probably do a better job of not caring what people thought of me than I do now.

At the very least if I don't even get an interview because a bunch of people who have worked in the wine industry apply, I'd understand but hope for a bit of of constructive feedback, unlike the faceless website of my parent company when I apply for jobs that I'm reasonably qualified for. I mean- shock horror- this job actually has a contact person to email your resume to.

So that's a summary of one of the two jobs I applied for in the last week. The other was fairly generic, but in my general area of expertise and experience and didn't sound like something I'd hate.

Back to work tomorrow. I slept in until 11.30am again today, got up and spent 3 hours watching "Scarface" on DVD, then popped down the street again before spending a fair bit of time on a slightly underwhelming dinner (mainly because it involved rabbit and I had great expectations but after two hours stewing in the oven it still came out a bit dry). And I went online to organise roses for Jo for Valentine's Day (shhh- it's a surprise). I mainly just put that last bit in so I could call this entry...well, if you can't work it out I'm disappointed but check the older entries/contents page.


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