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2006-08-18 - 12:44 p.m.

In only two days now I'll be waiting at the airport- hopefully with nothing confiscated and hopefully not stuck in a queue behind a bunch of clueless middle aged people who decided to cram as many liquids and electronic devices into their hand luggage as they could. I'm thinking maybe I'll leave here at about 1100 for my 1355 flight- It'll only take 20 minutes to get to the airport and that will leave me 2.5 hours for all the high security drama. Maybe I should leave even earlier- I'd like a window seat y'know but I don't want to have to kill all that time by myself at the airport. I'm also hoping the direct flight to San Francisco is less popular than the flight to LAX. More to the point the majority of people on it would be going to San Francisco, while the LAX flight is full of people travelling all over America.

Anyway, I'm far more prepared than I thought I would be. In one inspired morning I've pretty much packed and cleaned my house. There won't be much left for me to do on Saturday and Sunday morning. Jo's birthday present is sorted- in fact she's already got the main bit- a framed night photo of Sydney Harbour- if I could have timed it to be delivered to her work on Monday it would have been better, but for all I knew it could've taken 2 weeks to arrive rather than 4 days.

Going back over my last 3 days off- on Friday (11/8) I went down to my parents place because my Mum was part of an Art Exhibition at a local gallery. Then there was an after party at my parents' place. Saw a bunch of people (relatives and family friends) that I hadn't seen in a while, and drank a fair bit. Needless to say I stayed their that night rather than driving home.

Saturday early evening Nathan, Kel, Peta and I had a couple of beers down the road before grabbing some early dinner in preparation for the late dinner we had lined up at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the Rocks. Joining us at the latter was Meaghan from Uni and her friend Jenny, Steve, Birch and Frantz. We were probably in and out in a couple of hours, and most people opted to go home afterwards, either to prepare for Soccer Semis, or because they were on a no alcohol kick, or just because. Only Kel, Peta and I went to the Townie, an despite the fact that we just sat there really (Peta rarely says anything and there are usually many more drunken words slurred between Kel and I when she's not there) we stayed until 4am.

Sunday I didn't do much, although I got my grocery shopping done to take me up until I leave, and Nathan came round for some more DVD watching for a while. Mornings at work- or more to the point after my mornings- Monday I had a sleep, went for a walk, had some dinner and did pretty much all my finances for the next 2 months (there will of course be overdue bills waiting for me when I get back in October). Tuesday I didn't have a sleep when I got home, which meant I could go to bed by 9pm and I felt amazingly refreshed at work the next day. I should really do that more often.

Wednesday night I went to Bernie with Kim and Marty (the couple who are getting married in Vanuatu), Mark, Phoebe, Cindy, my sister and Fordie. Yesterday I got a few things done before work in the afternoon (but was feeling the effects of having more to drink than originally planned on Wednesday night), while today has been nothing short of inspired.

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...


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