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2006-08-25 - 12:42 a.m.

So I've been in the US for the best part of a week, and I blame the fact that I had managed some semblance of routine in my last cycle at work (ie getting up at about 9am on the last two afternoon shifts and before 11am even on the Thursday after I'd had quite a few drinks) for the jetlag I'm suffering now. It's never been an issue before, mainly because my sleeping patterns are never very good, but pretty much every day this week I've slept until 1pm at the earliest, about 5pm at the latest, and as a result spent a couple of nights lying awake for hours.

I guess the fact that Jane is working and I'm therefore not going out late at night hasn't helped. And I've made no plans nor am I even that inspired to do touristy stuff during the day so I don't get out of bed. I think after the weekend I'll have the taste for soaking up a bit of San Francisco and I'll probably get out and about more next week.

Still, there have been plenty of good sides to the week ;)

I got to Sydney Airport at about 11am on Sunday, walked straight up to the counter and pretty much had 2+ hours to kill before boarding the plane. I was actually sitting next to a friendly chatty person for a change, who was spending 5 days in San Fran before going to Uni in Philadelphia for a semester, and I also managed a very small amount of sleep (probably less than half an hour but it was something). Arrived just after 10am SF time, but didn't get through immigration/customs until about 11am. Jane had just flown in business class from Brazil and had no trouble getting out and waiting for me.

It was wierd, in a nice way, for a couple of hours- just thinking about how we hadn't seen each other in almost six months, but then it was just so very normal. It's probably going to be all that much harder when we part ways again at the beginning of October, because being together again feels like we've just finished some adventure or journey, but in reality there's a long way to go. And how long is pretty much up to me, in terms of organising a job.

So Sunday evening (despite some of the summer weather I've encountered during the last week being cooler than it's been in Sydney recently, the big plus has been daylight saving) we went up to Jane's local- which has it's own brews as well as some good woodfire pizza. Monday was Jane's birthday, and that was when the jetlag really set in. I slept alright, mainly because of the lack of sleep on the plane, but wasn't sleepy when Jane had to leave at 8am, so I decided to get up. I pottered around a bit, but by about 10am I figured I'd go back to sleep for a bit. I slept 'til at least 3pm, managed to drag myself up to get some keys cut, and then slept again until about 6pm. Had Tapas for dinner and then had major trouble sleeping all night.

As a result I slept all of the next day, and then that night (Tuesday) we went to the baseball (Jane had free tickets through work). It was pretty good, but after sleeping all day I once again couldn't sleep all night. Wednesday I forced myself out of bed just after 1pm I think, had a walk around Berkeley, made dinner, had a few beers, watched a DVD and didn't go to bed until after 2am, so I finally managed to sleep during the night, but it didn't help me get up before 1.30pm. So I'm doing it again tonight- staying up and writing this so that I don't sleep for a couple of hours and then lie awake between 4am and 7am, only to sleep all of the next day.

It's been a strange week so far, but I'm looking forward to the weekend.


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