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2006-08-10 - 12:49 p.m.

I think I mentioned that my nights out on my last 3 days off were fairly well behaved in comparison to some of my other crazy nights. This is not to say that they didn't involve appreciable amounts of alcohol. First day off (Wed 2/8) I got up at a decent hour (about 9am in fact) and had Yum Cha in the city with Kel, Val and Yvonne. It pains me to say it but I think it was better than my local Yum Cha. I guess you'd expect to find better Yum Cha in the heart of Chinatown than in a predominantly Vietnamese suburb.

Took the train back to Newtown, bought a couple of CDs (including the reissue of "Manilow" by Smudge, which we previously only had on vinyl), went to Flight Centre to organise travel insurance and was reminded that I'd only paid the deposit for my Vanuatu accommodation, and still had to pay about $1500, then had a couple of beers at the Townie in the afternoon. Went home, talked to Jane for a bit and then found I needed a sleep to make up for getting up at a decent hour. As a result my plans to make a curry turned into 5 minute steak and salad before I went up to the Rose to see Bernie and Nic Dalton (and Meegs and Fordie and Charm and Chris).

For some reason Meegs decided she needed a 3 day sendoff for a 3 week trip overseas- though I don't think we have to worry too much about her getting back safely if what I hear is true and she's traded wild parties for bicycle tours ;)

So I drank more than I had planned on Wednesday night, mainly because Chris wouldn't accept "I'm planning on having a big one tomorrow night" as an excuse when I hadn't seen him in ages- but when we ended up at a pub that was closing, and couldn't get into the Townie, we ended up having a few drinks back at my place.

As a result of the extra drinks on Wednesday my plan of a productive Thursday kind of fizzled, but I did manage to get up to Flight Centre and pay the balance of my Vanuatu accommodation an Travel Insurance, as well as doing the grocery shopping and having Kel around for dinner before heading up to the Townie for Part 2 of Meegs' drinks. Once again it wasn't a crazy night but we did outlast Meegs and ended up drinking with the other Chris, possibly until close but that's not as late on a weeknight, and I am sure it was still dark when I went home and more importantly when I went to sleep (I have a bad habit of staying up for hours after I get home when I'm drunk).

Friday it absolutely poured all day, and I didn't go anywhere, but Nathan came around in the evening for dinner and a DVD (no, we're not getting married).

Then on Saturday it was back to work- Anthony was back after a month off following the birth of his first child. I dropped 'round after work on Monday to see her, and inevitably the conversation turned to what my thoughts on having kids were. I don't think I need to reiterate them- plan to at some point, not for a couple of years but don't want to leave it too late either.

After work on Sunday (6/8) I went to the Vanguard with Cindy, Kel and Peta to watch "The Beatels" play the entire "Revolver" album as well as a set of late era Beatles songs. It was mostly okay, except for the abundance of backing tracks. I'd rather hear covers as an interpretation than have all the bits from the original that can't be done on the instruments they have broadcast- but I guess this was a Beatles cover band, not a bunch of bands covering Beatles songs.

Just to round out my 3 mornings, after I visited Anthony, Margaret and Jade I went around to Nathan's place for dinner and a DVD ;) I think that when Jane and I are back living together for good we're going to watch a lot more movies than we used to- seeing we're both doing that a lot separately. Getting out a movie or two will slowly replace going out for a drink or two. Yes, I'm sounding old as well as feeling old.

That's where I'll leave this entry. Except to say that I'll be on a plane over the Pacific (or at least at Sydney Airport- I'll have to check my times) in 10 days.


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