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2006-08-04 - 11:30 p.m.

So anyway, my 3 mornings last cycle were a good example of having a social drink or two, eating out more often than not yet not overdoing it. It's the sort of social life I should be aiming for, rather than doing nothing at all between my morning shifts and overcompensating with big nights at the Townie. First morning was Tuesday 27/7, and after work (well, some time after work- about 7pm) Kel, Nathan and I (later joined by Peta) were drinking and playing pool at the local. We ended up staying there until about 10pm, and then going back to my place for pasta. Was definitely fairly tipsy by the end of the night, but felt fine the next morning.

After our second morning the extended work crew had dinner in Randwick, to farewell Craig from the lab (he's still working for the company in the next building up). Though of everyone there he seemed to be having the least fun. It was a Mexican restaurant, and I thought the food was pretty average but the atmosphere was good, with waiters in sombreros an guitars serenading each table. I was the designated driver for the Marrickville mob, and was quite happy to assume that role. Kel and I had to work the next morning at 6am, but Nathan was very merry, what with it being a Friday night.

Changeover night I caught up with my Unifriends- namely Cristan, Birch, Tara, Meaghan and Jody. Jody is about 7 months pregnant and I hadn't seen her since she fell pregnant, so it was good to catch up. We had a couple of drinks at Bar Trinity in Surry Hills, then dinner at the Nepalese Kitchen. After dinner we went to another pub on Crown Street, and the night could have ended there but I for one was encouraging Cristan and Birch to stay on, seeing as it was Cristan's birthday drinks. This wasn't a case of overdoing it, more the feeling that I can go out late every cycle with the usual suspects, so why shouldn't I for my Unifriends? So we went to the Colombian on Oxford St- I was the only straight guy in the group that went in (there was Birch, Cristan, his boyfriend and his boyfriend's flatmate). Another night I might have been really getting into it, but I was pretty tired, and the fact that Cristan didn't seem to be getting into it had me deciding to call it a night. I saw a familiar face on the door at Spectrum from across the street, so I went over to say hi, and popped in for one song to get my dose of good music for the night (and it turned out to be "I Saw Her Standing There").

Morning of our first afternoon shift I had Yum Cha at the usual place with Kel, Nathan, Michael from work and Nathan's family. It was Nathan's creative way of handling a double booking. Best part was having enough people to get the table with the lazy susan. Second two afternoon shifts I slept in 'til 1pm (it was the busy morning shifts catching up with me), but managed to fit in a couple of beers after work at the end of the cycle.

I'm only 3 days behind now- pretty happy with that.


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