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2006-08-04 - 5:52 p.m.

I just tallied up my July expenses and found that this month was my worst yet for drinking, eating out and generally just throwing my money around. Ah well, I was kind of expecting it- it felt like I was eating out a lot and at the very least going down to the pub if not having a big night out reasonably frequently. The idea of keeping tabs of my spending was more to see how much I did spend, rather than try to behave myself more each month- but generally when I look at my spending I do think about trying to spend less the next month.

Anyway, going back to my last set of days off, I'd mentioned to Kel on our last night shift that she should let me know if she was up for a few drinks on one of our days off, but my main plan for my midweek days off (and again this week, as last week I had Mon-Tue-Wed off and this week it was Wed-Thu-Fri) was to start organising myself for my trip overseas, maybe sort out all the papers in my filing cabinet now that I've done my tax, that sort of thing.

Instead Kel takes me up on those drinks at 3pm on Monday, and it keeps going until about 12 hours later. We started down the road, then went up to Newtown and met another girl from work at the Newtown Hotel, played some pool, roped Nathan into coming out, went to the Townie for a while, and before we knew it it was 10pm and Kel and I were looking for a place to have dinner. By then Vanessa and Nathan had left. During dinner Kel was being harrassed by SMS so to take her mind off it I decided I needed to take her to the Cross.

It actually wasn't an insanely late night, in that by the time I had taken a cab home the sun hadn't come up (always a good sign), but once home I didn't actually go to sleep until several hours later (when it was well and truly daylight). So the whole 3 days were kind of written off. Well, after sleeping off the night before, I didn't feel like shopping or cooking, so I had Vietnmese with Nathan, then hired out a couple of Angel DVDs and watched 4 episodes that night and 4 the next... afternoon (ie when I got out of bed). I also hired out "Ed Wood", "This is Spinal Tap" and "28 Days Later" (5 weeklies for $7). Managed to get the groceries done on my 3rd day off, but also managed to return to the pub down the road for a couple of beers and some pool. I remember musing that if I didn't have so many "big" nights I wouldn't think twice about having a couple of social beers almost every day. But instead I find myself wanting to go extended periods without drinking to make up for the big ones, then feeling guilty when I do have a couple of drinks at the pub several days running.

These last 3 days off, while I still could have exerted a little more self control on at least one of the days, were more sensible (though I really didn't want to sleep until 1pm on 2 out of 3 days). Definitely asleep before dawn each time, although this morning only just. I'll write more about these days later.


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