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2005-11-19 - 3:46 p.m.

Okay, this is going to be a "getting back into the habit" entry. Clearly I have my 3 week tour of Southeast Australia to write about but that will take some time. I've been back at work for more than two weeks now and I wish I was still on holidays. Work's another thing I could probably talk a lot about. I've said it before but some days can be unbearable, while other days I enjoy the responsibility of the job I'm doing and think I could do it for another year and aim to rise above the mediocre effort I'm putting into it at the moment. But it seems more often than not it frustrates me and I'm considering a move back to shift (if I get offered one of the revamped team leader jobs which includes having reports and higher duties and stuff like that, which can only be a good career move). There's probably an entry in that in which I can weigh up the pros and cons of going back on shift.

Still no news on the USA job for Jane. They called her while we were away and talked for over an hour- it was less a second interview than it was the person that would be working more closely with her getting an idea about her, rather than the higher manager that interviewed her the first time. Still, if they weren't interested in her I hardly think they would have spent over an hour talking to her on her mobile from another country.

Jane's current manager is probably panicking a bit though, as people are dropping out of the department like flies- and that gives Jane a strong chance of being offered a promotion over here. And as much as the US would be cool (yet scary), Jane's always said she'd only do it if it was a promotion, so if she gets promoted over here she's likely to stay put. I mean, we've only been living in our apartment for less than six months, and Jane has a year of part time Uni left (postgraduate stuff), so given an enticing offer to stay it's probably the sensible choice- and we can go looking for opportunities a couple of years down the track if we so desire.

Christmas is nearly on us again. Argh. How did that happen so quickly??

Summer is almost here, and I'm loving the warm weather and daylight saving as always.

I've written in my handwritten diary a few times this week, and I'm hoping to get back into the habit there as well as here. Then it will only be a matter of time before I find the motivation and inspiration to write the novel that's going to make me rich and famous.

I somehow managed to put on more than 10kg in the last year (probably the first time I've put on any weight since I was 15), so I'm tryng to do a lot more walking, and Jane and I have starting getting into the CSIRO diet, at least as a framework (like we're going to stop eating out!). I'm sure all the great food we ate on holidays contributed, but in the spirit of the diary I kept when I was eight, I'll talk about what I had for dinner when I talk about what I did that day (yesterday Steve came over and we played transformers. I had spaghetti for dinner. It was yum.)

There- that's a pretty good "back into the habit" entry. I'll try to keepy my word and start writing about my holiday soon.


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