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2005-10-12 - 10:11 p.m.

So what has been happening these last few months?

I wrote a list of things a few entries ago (eg Housewarming, Jane's Birthday) that are so far in the past that there's nothing left to say about them. At least I've recorded them happening. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago- for something different Jane took me to the Sydney Observatory on a clear but freezing night- she always manages to think of something original. For my present she got me a set of professional knives which I never would have thought of (despite commenting many a time on the lacklustre performance of the ones we had) yet have probbly had more use in two weeks than a lot of previous birthday presents have in...longer than two weeks. As usual I stretched my birthday over about a week- the Saturday before I had Vietnamese with friends, on the day (aside from the observatory) we had a degustation menu at the observatory hotel (I wish I was rich enough to do the fine dining thing more often!), and the Sunday after we went to my parents house for the usual feast of curries, while drinking plenty and watching the Wests Tigers win the League Grand final.

What else? Work has been varied from glimmers of accomplishment to tolerable to unbearable. The guy who was previously in my job (who I also consider a friend) is back in the department and is making me feel inadequate (sometimes through paranoia and other times through actual comments). I'm not one of these people who draws a line in the sand between work and... not work, and I don't appreciate the "professional" vibes I get from some of the people I also know socially. I can't explain it any better than that. Anyway, like I said it's always up and down so I can't decide whether I want to stay on indefinitely in the role I'm in or go back to shift or... something else.

And then there's the New York possibility- still no word but we weren't expecting it until about... now-ish. So there's every chance we'llknow one way or another soon after Jane goes back to work in the first week of November. I wish I'd done more research into what my options are.

I think that's about all I have for now. I'll probably be writing an entry very similar to my last one in about a month, only in the past tense. Lets see how close to those best laid plans we come...


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