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2005-11-20 - 6:40 p.m.

Alright, now is as good a time as any to start chronicling my holiday. I'm not sure what sort of detail I'll go into, I'll just play it by...finger.

Thursday 13th October

We set off not long after 9am, armed with a suitcase that looked like we were going overseas for a couple of months (having said that it was for two people). Our first stop (apart from petrol in Sylvania) was in Ulladulla for lunch. Next was the Central Tilba cheese factory just north of Bega where we bought a couple of wedges of cheese that we dragged around for the next two weeks (arriving home a little worse for wear but still tasting good), and by 5.30pm we had made it to Eden where we were spending the night. By the end of our first day we realised that the CD player was going to be a pain for much of the trip. It really didn't like burnt compilations and was also all traces of volume inexpicably disappeared at one point. The latter problem we managed to fix, the former was going to drive me crazy for some time. Dinner was at an Oyster bar, which was average but pleasant- you can't go too wrong with Oysters.

Friday 14th October

Amazingly got out of bed at 6am so we could take a walk on the beach before grabbing breakfast and hopefully getting away by 8am. The beach was too cold to walk on barefoot at that time of the morning but it was a nice idea. We covered a lot of ground that day and still made it to Wilson's Promontory by about 3pm, which was handy as I wanted to do some walking before the sun went down. Stopped for morning tea at Lakes Entrance, and lunch somewhere on the Gippsland Highway.

Jane needed a sleep by the time we got to the Prom., but I was all enthusiastic about the walks that were around, so I set off at a cracking pace to see how much ground I could cover while Jane had her nap. I discovered an awesome view which looked west, and became convinced that it would be an amazing sunrise, so I powered back to convince Jane we should go back to where I'd been. Unfortunately the sun didn't make it all the way to the horizon before the clouds got in the way, and it was freezing (I had been quite hot before because I was walking so fast and it was a little earlier in the afternoon)- but on the upside we saw Wombats! Three of them, casually grazing on the side of the walking track. First time I have seen them alive in the wild.

We stayed in a hut/ cabin, which had two bunk beds (we slept on matresses pushed together on the floor- how romantic), electricity and heating, as well as a kitchenette where I performed the sole act of cooking for our 3 weeks (actually Jane cooked when we stayed with her friends in Orange but we'll get to that)- pasta and stir through sauce a la stovetop.


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