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2005-05-17 - 6:42 p.m.

In the spirit of writing more often I think I'm going to start opening up this window and writing before I've thought much about what if anything I want to write. Which is bound to lead to sentences even more poorly structured than the one I just wrote. Or that one.

So on the house front- we've decided our moving day is going to be Tuesday 14th June. Spnd the long weeknd getting everything ready to go and then take a day off work and get removalists in on a Tuesday. And when I say "getting everything ready" I'm hoping we do a lot of packing the two weekends before that. It's just things like wrapping all the kitchenware in newspaper and putting it in boxes, clothes and the like that will need to wait until the long weekend- things we can't do without for 3 weeks. CDs can pretty much get packed up- we have so much music on he computer and now that I'm working normal hours I listen to JJJ Breakfast on the way to work and JJJ Drive on the way home rather than selecting CDs every week. Random junk we have to go through very carefully and ruthlessly in the hope that most of it can be thrown out- I don't want to leave that sort of thing until the last minute only to find we've run out of time and have no choice but to pack it all and go through it later.

The worst part of this settlement period is that I have no motivation to keep this place tidy or organised because we're moving soon and we'll start fresh then, make sure the new place is in a permanent state of order (except for the requisite disorderly parties of course). That's like having an unproductive Monday at work and deciding you might as well write off the rest of the week and start fresh and motivated the next Monday. Hang on, I'm sure I've done that before...


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