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2004-07-31 - 4:51 p.m.

Prior to this week the last contact of any kind I had with Annie was pretty much exactly a year ago, and it wasn't pretty. I basically told her to get fucked and that now at least she'd be able to hold something against me that I actually did or said.

I was talking to Mark about her the other week, and we mentioned how it was her birthday coming up, but on the day itself I didn't think about it or her all day. Part of me wanted to be upset, because as crap as things were last year I still wished her a happy birthday, and this was like some final nail in the coffin, but mostly I just thought about it matter-of-factly, void of any emotion.

On Wednesday I had an email in my inbox, no subject, no identity of the sender but for a single capital letter. I don't know if I really thought there was any chance it was from her, but maybe I hoped it was- I was 90% sure it would be one of those stupid spam emails.

But it wasn't.

It was a song.


He shouted out his last word

And he stumbled through the yard

And she shattered her last china plate

And spun off in the car

When he lunged onto the hood

She stopped to tell him she'd been wrong

He was thrown head over heels

Into the traffic coming on

But then all is fair

All is fair in love

Did you get my other letters?

Sometimes I think I oughta call

Cause you know I often wonder

If you open them at all

Every couple nights or so

Y'know you pop into my dreams

I just can't get rid of you

Like you got rid of me

Oh but I send my best

Cause god knows you've seen my worst

But then all is fair

All is fair in love

All this breathing in

Never breathing out

I guess she made her way

Through the mob too late to hear him say

That he'd gotten all he wanted

A crowd to watch him bear the pain

He'd been keeping in- so what

All is fair

All is fair in love


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