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2004-07-07 - 12:31 p.m.

It's been a while (so what else is new?) but for some reason today, when I don't get up until midday and have to leave for work at 2pm, I decide I want to drop in and tell you I'm still alive despite having very little time to do so.

According to the usually unreliable dates diaryland provides for our entries I last wrote on the 31st of May. And I think the last thing I really wrote about was our party on May 22nd. There's not a lot out of the ordinary that happened in June. I was well and truly back into the swing of work. Looking back over my calendar I filled in my time off by going to dinner with work friends at BBQ Kings, getting very drunk and virtually getting carried home from Death Disco by Jane (and my old friend and ex-housemate Steve also came along), going to a party of my sister's while my parents were in Europe (still are- they went away for longer than I did and it sounds like they've seen some amazing sights), going to my regular haunts such as the Rose for Bernie or in some cases Sneeze and Bernie, and the Townie; as well as miscellaneous other things.

Work has been really good since the latest incarnation of my shift team, in particular I've struck up a good rappore and friendship with this guy who has such a similar sense of humour to me it's not funny (no, it really isn't- we're the only ones who laugh) which is nice because I have a distinct lack of male friends. Unfortunately such is the fickle nature of our team environment he is going to be moved again because someone else is leaving the lab and we have to get the balance right in terms of experience. I might end up on a team of me and 3 girls which is ironic because work is one of the few places that I interact with guys on a regular basis.

I have an interview for an assignment outside of the lab, which I'm not holding my breath for but it would be nice to see what else is out there and still have the security of a fallback option. The not holding my breath thing is less about not being confident in my own abilities and more about the fact that about 8 people have applied for 2 positions, all internal and all with similar experience to me.

I just got a very bizarre bank statement detailing the last 3 months, six weeks of which I spent jetsetting. Total debits $20,715; total credits $23,317. That includes transferring money to and from my savings account, and paying off my credit card as I went, and an April pay which included a 2003 bonus of more than 10% my salary, but I think what it shows is that contrary to what it seems to me I'm pretty good at handling my money. Just the fact that I still have savings after my trip is encouraging. Maybe it's time to look at buying an apartment. Or just keep travelling? It's hard to decide, because buying a place is such a big thing, but once it's done it's done and then you know what your repayments are and thus how much you have left to do things like travel.

It's all a bit too grown up for me.


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