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2004-03-30 - 5:10 p.m.

I'm two weeks into my trip so consider this a postcard. Those who I promised postcards to- you will get them before I get home!

There's too much to write about so I'll just give you the summary- Los Angeles (Mullholland Drive, Hollywood, Viper Room), Las Vegas (3 hour drive through the desert, casinos, casinos, casinos, the Stratosphere tower), The Grand Canyon (plane, helicopter, boat ride, spectacular), New Orleans (the first sign of culture in the US, jazz, cajun and creole food), The Bahamas (Nasty boat ride over, high seas, bad weather, College kids on Spring break, swimming with dolphins), Greater Miami area (waiting 3 hours for a rental car because stupid Commonwealth bank was down in Australia so no credit card access for said amount of time, huge hotel room by chance, beaches, bays, concrete freeway jungles), and now themepark central (though I haven't been to any yet).

Sorry I can't write more, will be writing about it (probably for the best part of a year knowing me) when I get back home.


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