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2003-08-22 - 4:20 p.m.

So now that I've updated you on Splendour I'm only a month behind. I saw Placebo's Sydney show the Friday after I got back and that was also brilliant. I wish they'd played more from the first album- I'm not a fan of the slowed-down version of "Teenage Angst" but I was expecting it because it was a b-side recently I think. Even just throwing "Nancy Boy" in would've done, but my favourite from the first album is probably the opening track "Come Home".

I felt like doing something silly for the show, so I went with black nailpolish, eyeliner and mascara (and a heap of gel in my hair- but don't worry Blueshoe I've learned how to gel and avoid the mullet effect). I think I looked quite fetching- Jane had to keep pulling me away from mirrors ;)

On thhe Saturday we officially began looking at places. And to cut a long story short we ended up liking a place we looked at on our third Saturday morning of searching (ie two weeks ago tomorrow), last Friday we signed the lease and we've been sleeping there since Sunday night.

It's officially in Stanmore but a couple of minutes each way and you're in Newtown, Enmore or Camperdown. It's directly opposite the busiest railway line in Sydney, but that's pretty much the only downside. Oh okay there's aircraft noise, the bedroom window rattles a bit in the wind and to get into my car space I need about 5 attempts (underground lockup carpark and think turning into a parking spot next to a pole in a shopping centre).

But that aside, it's 2 bedroom, balcony, internal laundry, very modern kitchen for the Inner West (not as big as my last one when I was out of home), decent bathroom (shower is a bit small and it's a curious choice to have an exhaust fan in the laundry but not the bathroom)... and we've just discovered we do have clotheslines as well. The North wall of the living room is an Earthy orange, as are the slate-ish kitchen tiles, everything else is blue carpet- the good sort not the shaggy type (well the bathroom isn't carpet but I'm sure you got that). And it's $270 a week- which is very good for it's location and features, it can only be the railway line that is bringing the price down.

So Sunday was my big moving day- when I moved my fridge, desk, bookshelf, couch and digital piano, along with whatever else fit into two cars and a trailer in two trips. We moved Jane's bed, matress and bookshelf (no arguments over who's bed we were taking, hers is a Queen and the sheets are always coming off mine) and are doing a lot more of Jane's stuff tomorrow.

It takes about 45 minutes to get to work for a 7.45am start and only about 35-40 minutes for a 6am start (I got to try one of them on Tuesday even though I'm off shift til November- I'm doing a few days of shift coverage here and there in the next month).

It takes 10 minutes to walk to the Townie- that says it all really.

On Friday night I had Cocktails at the Bank Hotel with all my Unifriends and Jane. I can't remember the last time it was all of us. All being (no pseudonyms as they have nothing to hide) Julie (and her husband Daniel- it's very weird writing "husband" for someone my age), Tara (her boy met up with us later), Liz, Meaghan, Andrew (and his boy), Jody (and her boy)and Cristan. I think that's all of us. Cathy is over in England and Krys is based in Melbourne but currently off seeing the world.

Then we had dinner literally seconds from our new place, so we took them all back to see it, unfurnished and uncluttered by the boxes that currently reside on the floor. Everyone that has seen it so far (everyone being them and Cindy- not counting family because I can never tell with my Dad) has really liked it.

Yesterday was Jane's birthday. I bought her a pair of $50 earrings which I was hoping she'd really like and she did. She actuall suggested earrings as a present after I'd already thought of them, which I was very annoyed at because I didn't want to have just got her what she asked for, so I had to tell her when she suggested them that I was already thinking that dammit- and then the pressure was really on to get her ones she'd love since she already knew what the present would be.

I took her out for dinner last night, we're having dinner with 12 of her friends tomorrow night (at "Better Be Home Soon Vietnamese" for those who know what the hell I'm talking about :) and then lunch with her family on Sunday. Ah she knows how to play it for all it's worth. I'm thinking I might tie my birthday party and housewarming in together- keep the 20th of September free.


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