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2003-08-20 - 1:53 p.m.

Something else I was thinking about what happened on the way back from Byron. If I hadn't been able to pull over I could have been just another statistic. In today's paper there was a report on the "notorious road" between Ballina and Grafton which had claimed two more lives after two trucks collided. It goes on to say....

"Last month a five-car accident, 4km south of Woodburn killed two people and seriously injured six others".

That would have been almost exactly where I was.

"We don't know why it keeps happening because there is nothing unusual about the stretch of road. It's flat and straight and there are no sharp bends. There are plenty of rest areas, there are speed cameras and plenty of police patrols".

What if I'd felt faint somewhere where there was nowhere to pull over- I noticed plenty of places like that driving onwards to Coffs after it happened.

But what freaks me out the most is that if I had had an accident with ecstasy in my bloodstream I would have become another Anna Wood. Something that isn't even a small part of my life could have ended up defining it.


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