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2009-02-08 - 9:54 p.m.

So far I'm not going very well at writing more this year than I did last year. But I have been busy planning a wedding, so that's got to be a half decent excuse right?

Things are moving along nicely. We've been learning to dance, and I think I've finally got it. Our bridal "waltz" lends itself to something quite apart from waltzing, so I also want to get a little bit of practice slow-dancing and pick a good slow song to get the bridal party and parents in on. I think "Throw Your Arms Around Me" would work quite well, but Jo thinks it's a bit sappy, or done-to-death, or something, and she's probably right, but I want something that everyone who is required to be dancing is familiar with.

I'm also in charge of picking the music for the rest of the night, or chatting to the DJ to give him a feel for the sort of things we want played (haven't decided how much of a control freak I'm going to be yet). And we also need to pick a handful of songs to form the soundtrack of our wedding video.

The other music-related thing I did was book Bernie in to play at the ceremony, which I was a bit nervous about, but it was cool chatting to him about the sort of songs I'd like him to play, and exactly what part he'd play in the proceedings.

Today I bought my shirt (white with Swiss pleats and French cuffs) and ties for the three boys, which I was quite impressed about. We bought the suits and shoes about 5 weeks ago and so this pretty much closes out the boys clothes- well Steve and Nathan still need shirts (I was shopping with Jo and her Dad for her Dad's suit at the time) but I know what type of suit I got and where from, so that's easy, and worst case scenario theirs doesn't have to match mine- only each others'. Plus there's socks and belts, which will also be easy. Jo's getting her bridesmaids' dresses made, I'm not sure how far along that is, but far enough that it's not really part of the "to do" list.

We have to hire chairs and red carpet, tell the cake people what we want, get visas for Vietnam (the other details are taken care of), send out final invites and organise the tables. Plus do the entire order of both the ceremony and the reception (I know Lucy's waiting patiently to know what she's saying and when :), write a speech, the list seems to be going on and on, but we've done so much. I think I am mostly keeping my resolution of enjoying it- though it is stressful when you're trying hard not to waste any precious spare days amongst the bucks nights, engagement parties and barbecues but you still need time to chill out, plus work is the usual rollercoaster of ups and downs, so that can definitely affect how much you're enjoying the days off (at the moment it's not too bad- situations are frustrating me but I think I'm handling them well).

What else has been keeping me too busy to be writing in here? Last weekend was Mark's bucks night- which was a lot less shambolic than a lot of nights Mark and I have been involved in, but there was gambling and nudity to make up for the fact that we were less drunk than on an ordinary night out. Good thing too, since Steve, Nathan and I had to front up to the menu tasting for the reception the next day. I won't go all food blog on you, but there wasn't many bad choices and we were happy with what we picked. We went to the Edinburgh Arms for a celebratory drink afterwards (and so Jo and the girls could check out its Karaoke potential for the upcoming Hen's night) and somehow myself, Jo, Francis and Sally managed to stay there until about 10pm, quite a few drinks later. Work the next morning was nonetheless a lot more fun than the previous Tuesday, after our Hottest 100 BBQ ended with drinking and 500 that didn't finish up until after midnight. That was another great day that made me feel good that we're not too old to host a rocking party. The week before Australia Day featured more drunken antics after Meegs' birthday dinner at the Townie. I hadn't planned on being quite so drunk and Jo was more than a little cross, but then she stumbled in at 4.45am this morning after an ex-work friend's Hen's night and wasn't very coherent, so I think we're even (and I'm sure we'll both be as bad as each other at our respective Buck's and Hen's nights).

Next week is Mark and Phoebe's wedding, which should be awesome. Kim & Marty, Glenn & Amanda, Lucy, Steve, Nathan and Sally will all be there, among others. It's an afternoon reception at Kirribilli RSL, but I have a strange inkling that we may party on afterwards (Lucy's already talking about hangovers and Yum Cha which is a good, or bad, sign).

I think that's all the updating I have in me for tonight.


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