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2009-03-14 - 3:25 p.m.

I'm almost done with work for a month. I don't have to go back there but I have to approve something from home which first relies on a 40 year old child extracting their head from their arse and submitting it properly. And then I'm done. Vent over.

So in 8 days time, to the minute, I should be with my groomsmen at Observatory Hill having a last minute chat with the celebrant, photographers and videographer, and half an hour away from Jo walking down the aisle.

Eight Days. I'm pretty calm at the moment. I know we're on track- I know we've got our honeymoon sorted, I know we have enough money, now I just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Final checklist (not necessarily in order):

-Try on my whole outfit (with the groomsmen)tomorrow
-Pick up wedding rings
-Pick up dresses
-Decide what family photos (and in general what sort of photos) we want the photographer to take ahead of our meeting on Tuesday.
-Pick up placecards from Fedex.
-Drop placecards and bonbonierre to reception venue (also check that the venue has all the information they need- guest list etc)
-Finalise speech (It's pretty much written, as of about 5 minutes ago)
-Give my brother a running list and some cheat notes so he can MC
-Pack for Vietnam
-Put Jo's entrance song on about 5 Ipods (which I will be able to plug into Bernie's amp) and possibly find a small stereo and make a CD of it just in case.
-Haircut and last dance lesson on Monday
-Get car serviced (not really a wedding essential but it's easier to do on a week off than when just returned from a honeymoon)
-Last minute confirmations for all services
-Dinner with extended family on Saturday
-Get married :)

What else is there to say? I just can't believe it's here already. And that we are-for the most part-ready. We'll be busy next week but we'll get there.

I think I've mostly kept my resolution to enjoy the leadup. It's a bit stressful working long hours at work and then having to sort out wedding stuff after work (and most weekends) and still trying to find time to do ordinary things like shop, and cook, and clean. But now that I'm off work, I'm reflecting on the summer and feeling like it was pretty good. Bucks' nights, weddings in Perth, New Year's Eve parties, Australia Day BBQs, and dammit I just like daylight saving and warm weather. It's kinda cool- our wedding (and subsequent anniversaries) will be the last wave of summer- before daylight saving goes away and the cold weather hits. And my birthday each year is usually the beginning of the new wave.

So it's all good. My own Buck's weekend was awesome. The boys managed to keep a few surprises up their sleeve- we were out in Emu Plains for the night in anticipation of Whitewater rafting on Saturday, and Marty had organised for Brad to be down at the Nepean River with a little Tinnie Boat and a wakeboard and surfboard. I had no chance of standing up or even kneeling, but I did get dragged around on my stomach on a surfboard at high speed for a while. And then after we BBQ'ed out in a common area of the caravan park for dinner, I came back to our cabin to find out that some...ahem...entertainment had been organised. So there was drinking, debauchery and card games on the Friday night, and Whitewater rafting on Saturday which was absolutely exhausting but great fun. A bunch of people bailed on Saturday night because they were too hungover, but there were others who weren't there on Friday night so we caught up at the Redoak Boutique Beer cafe, and wouldn't you know it, ended up at the Townie at 5am.

I think that's all I've got for today.


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