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2008-05-25 - 9:46 p.m.

Pretty much all of my electrical appliances decided to play up last week- the computer decided that not only would it turn itself off whenever it felt like it but it would turn itself on in the middle of the night as well- hence the lack of updating in almost 3 weeks. The DVD player has been unreliable for about a year, and I finally got it fixed last week, and 2 weeks ago Jo and I moved the lounge room around and in the process killed the TV reception- but I got that fixed last week as well so things are almost back to normal. I just need Limewire to work so I can download random songs.

So since the last time I wrote... I've been keeping up with the running once a week which is good. I think most weeks I've been going to at least one form of trivia- last week it was standard trivia with Jo, Rowan, Amy, Nick, Mark and Clair. The week before I went to standard trivia with Jo and Chris, and music trivia with Rowan, Nick, Amy and Jules, and I think possibly the week before that I went to both as well.

This weekend we didn't do much, which was nice but I still needed more days. Our engagement party is two weeks away and there's plenty of things that need doing. My brother is offering to do heaps (mainly by way of catering, but also taking care of anything he thinks he can get cheaper through suppliers for his Restaurant)- I just hope he has time to do it all. Next week we'll need to do some serious shopping, plus I need to get the music together and... I'm sure there's going plenty more things that need doing. Not to mention we should be doing the next thing for the wedding by now- probably talking to celebrants and photographers. But back to this weekend- yesterday we went to my parents' place in the afternooon to discuss some details of the party, had dinner there and had coffee at my brother's restaurant. Today we did the shopping, and not that much else of substance.

Friday night we went to Tamana's on Top for dinner with Jo's family after her brother's graduation.

When I think about it there's really not that much to write. In here it's getting back to what it was like before Jo left- three weeks down the track there's no point me writing that we went out in the city on a Saturday night and stayed out until 3am. I should try to make writing in here a weekly routine like running or trivia, but I also need to start going a bit deeper than just what I did each week. I still haven't written about work for ages, and I'm sure if I wrote about that each week you'd see a bit of a Rollercoaster of positive and negative thoughts about it. Right now it's pretty positive, which is good- but I know that if I get the permanent job it's going to be a huge challenge, no walk in the park. I should be having my interview for the permanent position either this week or next (I'm hoping it's next week but they tell me early this week so I can prepare).

That's about all I have to say right now. Next time I'll try not to leave it until Sunday night after Grey's Anatomy to write in here...


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