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2008-05-07 - 6:45 p.m.

I did a pretty good covering the last two weeks in advance :) The week after I last wrote, I pretty much did what I said I was going to do- went to Bernie and Gen on the Wednesday, music trivia on the Thursday (which came second in, and got a half share of the $300 jackpot, and since it was ANZAC Day the next day Jo, Rowan and I stuck around drinking until about 2.30am), work farewell on Friday in Coogee (dinner at "Cushion" followed by a drink at the Coogee Bay Hotel before Jo and I decided it was too tragic and left to go to Chris' party in Newtown), didn't stay too late at Chris' party, went to Rob and Tanya's place in Greystanes on the Saturday night for some lasagne and games, after doing a fair bit of shopping (groceries and other), then off to Jo's Dad's place in Marayong for BBQ lunch on Sunday.

The following week was normal trivia on Wednesday, a night at home on Thursday, dinner and a few beers down the road with Nathan on Friday while Jo was at work drinks, lots of shopping on Saturday, then dinner at Casa De Goa in Dulwich Hill on Saturday night with Tara, Julie and Dan. Sunday Jo's family came around for lunch (which lasted until about 5pm), then Jo, Nathan and I went to North Sydney for Marty's 30th drinks at the Green Point Hotel (I think we were the oldest people there). Plus I've been running for an hour once a week, which is good.

I knew I'd be writing less once Jo got back, and what I'm writing isn't exactly of much substance, but I still like to keep up to date with what I've been doing each week.


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