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2007-06-10 - 12:58 p.m.

I'm flying out to New York in 40 days. And I feel like I've got heaps todo before then. I've got to do mid-year reviews at work in the next week or two (there are only two people I have to do, but it's still not fun). My Dad'd 60th birthday is in less than 3 weeks- I have to think of something cool to get him (be it a material present or organise something cool like a show or a weekend away). In just under 3 weeks I'm heading to Canberra for celebration of said birthday (my Dad's mother, brother and a bunch of cousins live there)- and I feel that in that time I should try to catch up with a bunch of people from different circles- namely Stuart, Liz and Lise (Lise- do you still read this, if so send me an email :) I'll be holding my breath to see if my car makes it there and back.

The weekend before Canberra I'm going to a BBQ at Kim and Marty's new place in South Hurstville, which will be cool. I've also got my Mum's birthday a week after my Dad's, which will probably just be a midweek dinner, but it still means I have to think of a present. Then a couple of days after that is Live Earth. And I'm contemplating going to see Regina Spektor not long after that. I have to decide whether I should get Jo's birthday present in time for America, since it's wedged a month after New York and a month before my birthday. I need to fill my iPod up with music to listen to on the plane on the way to and from New York (I'm pretty sure you're allowed you use them once you're at cruising altitude)- and that's not as easy as it's sounds since my stupid computer isn't recognising my iPod, so I have to burn mp3 cds of stuff from my computer and use either Lucy's or my brother's computer to get them onto my iPod.

I need to decide what I want to do in New York, particularly in the time Jo will be at work. Of course I can just play it by ear, but God forbid I should get back and then read about something I really wished I'd been to.

And I have to decide what I want to do for my 30th- by the time I get back from New York it will be August already (OK I'll be getting back on the morning of July 31st).

So little time so much to do...


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