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2007-06-09 - 9:35 p.m.

I think I'll do this one backwards, since I have very little to wrote about what I was doing a week-and-a-half ago. Today is my changeover night, but I'm not doing anything- not even veging out(is that how you spell veging??) in front of the TV- I've watched virtually all my DVDs (and you really have to be in the mood to watch "Lord of the Rings"- the third movie of which I've had on loan from Steve since he moved out and stil haven't seen). I made a really good lamb casserole thing tonight for dinner though- perfect for a miserable winter's day.

Yeah, winter's finally here- but even amidst the wild winds and horizontal rain it's not a patch on the blistering cold I recall of last winter. There wasn't much rain but I remember as if it were yesterday the times I got a lift to work with Kellee, waiting outside in the cold even if only for a few minutes; the time my radiator and water pump died at the same time and we waited in the cold for a tow truck, and most of all the attempts to soak up the Soccer World Cup atmosphere in the freezing cold. The atmosphere-soaking worked fine, but there was certainly no warmth being soaked up with it.

Last night Lucy and I went and saw Darren Hanlon at the Factory Theatre. Ironically the first time I've made it to the closest venue to my place the weather was too wild to walk there. We did wing it to the pizza place on Victoria Road, at which point Lucy mentioned that any points I'd scored picking her up from the station had disappeared again when I encouraged the braving of elements in search of dinner. We caught a cab the three blocks to the Factory.

Inside the Factory Theatre is extremely similar to the Newtown RSL (or @ Newtown, or Goldman's or whatever you want to call it), except that I'm pretty sure @ Newtown has more than one choice of red wine, and what they do have they don't serve in a plastic cup and charge you the same price as a Crown Lager ($6). Dazza was good as usual- I was almost ashamed that I could hardly sing along to any of the songs- I think I much prefer the live versions of the songs on the last two albums, while the recorded songs I'm most familiar with (and hence can sing along to best) are from "Early Days", and to a lesser extent but still well enough "Hello Stranger". And after loving the supposedly impromptu rendition of "Ring of Fire" at the last Darren Hanlon gig I went to, we were treated to an audience participation cover of "Together in Electric Dreams" (well, it's probably just called "Electric Dreams" but this way you instantly know which song I'm talking about) to close out the encore.

Thursday was my first morning at work, and another one of my training sessions. I felt I was a bit lacking in this one, as were the participants- but I guess I expect more of myself each time I do one. Also the fact that I wasn't at all nervous before doing this one disguised the fact that I wasn't as familiar with the material and it's delivery as I would have liked to be.

My three days off- Monday (4/6) to Wednesday (6/6). Although I slept in on Monday I got a heap done. Dropped by to see my brother so he could tell me what was wrong with my iPod- and then went on a bit of a shopping spree. This was pretty much so I had clothes to wear with the leather jacket Jo got me for Christmas- seeing as it's cold enough to wear it now. I bought a $20 grey knitted top, a $35 pair of jeans, a $50 belt and a $200 (!!) pair of shoes. I could have gone on looking for a bargain but dammit- I go clothes shopping about once every 3 years- I probably spend more than 5 times that just on alcohol in that time, I think I can splash out on a pair od shoes that I like.

Tuesday I slept in once again, and then in the evening met up with Kellee and Claire at the Exchange (using the opportunity to premiere my new outfit). I was supposed to also be catching up with Julie (from Uni), but she rainchecked on me, so I just ended up drinking up more than I planned to with the girls. Wednesday all I really needed to get done was some grocery shopping, and I did that, so I really got a lot out of my days off- even if I did drink and sleep more than I planned for a quiet midweek break. I didn't go to trivia on Wednesday night though- spent the night at home watching "House" and "Spicks and Specks" for the first time in ages (and "The Chaser" but I've been downloading and watching that every week).

Going back to the previous cycle at work- a very short summary. Morning 1- my third training session, Morning 2- went to trivia with Kellee that night, fairly abysmal performance but it was just the two of us and I did win a roun of drinks, Morning 3- nothing out of the ordinary, and an entirely ordinary changeover (much like tonight). Afternoon 1- had Pho with Kellee before work, Afternoon 2- nothing out of the ordinary, Afternoon 3- had Yum Cha in the city with Kellee, Claire and Val before work.

That's all really...


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