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2007-01-20 - 3:18 p.m.

I've been having a terrible time trying to stick to my resolution to not sleep the days away on afternoon shifts and days off. Maybe I can at least say it's a good thing that I feel that way about sleeping 'til 11.30am, rather than that being the acceptable norm. Maybe I'm just making excuses. Or maybe I just need the sleep.

Anyway, in an attempt to catch up, I'll start with a brief rundown of the last cycle at work, if there is in fact anything to say about it. I didn't drink too much or spend too much money (I'm saving that for tonight), and I ate at home (or took leftovers from home) every day. So that's pretty good. In fact on Sunday I resisted the temptation to go to the pub with Nathan and Steve, and then to eat out- instead going for an 80-odd minute walk by myself and barbecueing a couple of steaks (the ultimate sign that I don't have to mae an event out of barbecuing if I can do it just for myself). Monday after work I cooked a quick pasta before going up the road to watch Phoebe's friend Jen play in one of those struggling muso showcase things. It was a two beer night. Also did a bit of shopping with Steve.

Tuesday after work I did the same walk as I did Sunday, only with Nathan- and we ended it with a couple of beers (once again sticking to a two beer maximum- at least in my case). Steve cooked dinner that night. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were typical night shifts, in which I slep in before each one and did nothing after them. The whole cycle at work felt pretty productive, which is good for the first one back after Jo left. One of the guys was away for the first three days, then someone else was for the first night, but if nothing else it kept us busy. And I made good use of having the full shift for the last two nights (even with Thursday night being insanely busy).

So today I slept in once again, watched some Simpsons DVDs and managed to get myself down to the grocery store to buy some stuff to cook tonight. I figure a Thai Beef Salad is ideal as it gets me using the barbecue again, saves room for finger food at Meegs' party but doesn't put me at risk of being ridiculously drunk in 2 hours.

Now to go back over the time that Jo was here...


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