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2007-01-20 - 3:48 p.m.

So Jo flew in on Christmas Eve, and even that wasn't a day of just staying at home and enjoying each others' company. Well, it was mostly, but we also managed to fit in Yum Cha and then needed to go to Woolies to get ingredients for a Greek Salad to take to Jo's Dad's place. I probably didn't mention that I managed to win a ham down at the Royal Exchange the day before I was going to buy one as our contribution to my parents' Xmas thing and Jo's Dad's extended family thing on boxing day. Anyway, it was quite amusing, and even moreso when we came home on boxing day with an untouched, still-wrapped ham (the remains of which are still in the fridge).

I pretty much detailed what Christmas would consist of in a previous entry, and it didn't really deviate from that. My main presents were a leather jacket (out of season but it will come in handy later in the year, or any time of the year in San Francisco really) from Jo and an iPod from my parents. I figured an iPod was something I should get at some stage, even though I'm unsure how much I'll use it. I figure it will be a good way to get a lot of my music from here to the US.

I only had my usual 3 days off before going back to work, even though the work I was doing wasn't my normal work. I may have already written it but as the fill-in job is a lot less short term high turnover stuff, I found it difficult to focus while Jo was here. The main advantage (and the reason I pushed for it in the time Jo was out) was that I didn't have to work nights. Except for the one night I worked (when I actually wrote in here), mainly because if I hadn't worked I would have just had to make it up some other time.

After work on Wed 27/12 we had dinner with Barbara, Ben, baby William, Alex, Felicity and Justin. For those playing at home, Jo's known Barbara since primary school, Felicity since High School, and Alex is Barbara's sister who I'm actually pretty good friends with (not through any coincidence, it was through that connection- just that Alex and I have lots in common and she lives much closer than Barbara or Felicity).

After work on Thursday I met Jo at Francis' place, where she had been for much of the afternoon, and we sat around talking for a couple of hour before heading home and doing some shopping for our party of the next day. And then (surprise surprise) after work the next day we had a party. More on that later (makes it sound like something interesting happened doesn't it? In fact I just have to go and do other things).


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