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2002-11-19 - 8:43 p.m.

Well I survived my first day as a fill-in team leader at work. Talk about being thrown into the deep end! It's hard to describe what constitutes a shitfight of a day without getting into the boring details but let's just say it was a shitfight of a day. And I survived it and I think I impressed everyone :)

It's funny- it seems I'm always the exception to the rule at work (and not in a good way). Being passed over for jobs in the past for people who had never worked there before- having to organise my own uniform rather than being approached (I guess because I'd already been there so long when I was made permanent), the list goes on. And so it was that without ever having done the team leader's job from start to finish with my team leader observing I was doing it without him there. But hell I even impressed myself, even though it was fucking stressful. I barely got time to breathe for nine-and-a-half hours but I felt a real sense of accomplishment when I left. And the boss took me aside after the shift to say that I handled my first day of it really well and it was just a matter of keeping it up now.

So yeah, like I said, there's not much detail to be gone into without boring the pants off you, but I kicked ass :)


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