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2002-08-28 - 6:10 p.m.

Another three days off in which I feel like I've done nothing but sat on my arse. I need to start buying books or go to the library. Case in point-I've caught the mp3 bug again, depriving generally already wealthy artists (such as Bowie and Oasis in this case) of income by downloading songs onto my computer- but there's nothing constructive for me to do while listening to them. Yes, yes I could be writing in here, but then that's my next point- after a flourish of activity about two weeks ago I seem to have lost my writing inspiration again. I mean I'm on the computer checking emails every day but you need to be motivated to write in here I find. Or at least in the right frame of mind.

I saw "About a Boy" last night, which made me want to read the book, which reminded me how I never read anymore. I know people who are always in the middle of a book or three- I find myself needing a reason, eg someone has been raving about it or it's incredibly famous (which is why I read "Catch-22" and that turned out to be one of my favourite books), so if that's the case how am I ever going to find any hidden gems, books which are purely me, because I discovered them of my own accord? It's hard enough to do that with music. Much as I would have loved to say "I saw x before anyone had ever heard of them", there's usually already reasonable stirrings of interest by the time I get into them.

Speaking of music and "About a Boy", I'm really keen to hear a lot more of "Badly Drawn Boy", who composed the soundtrack and also had an acclaimed album out before that. Lovely floaty dreamy late night music, especially the soundtrack because linking the 8 or so "real" songs is all the incidental music from the film, you know the "songs" which are always named after the scene they get played in during the movie. I want more late night dreamy music.

I also saw "Signs" a couple of days ago, which to be honest was pretty uninspiring, only a semi-decent ending away from lame. I love how M. Night Shyamalan conveys his spiritual beliefs in his movies, from the troubled souls seeking resolution in "The Sixth Sense" to the universal balance between strength and weakness and Good and Evil in "Unbreakable". In this one the message is clearly that everything happens for a reason, but you need a good storyline to get a good message across, and... something else, I can't think of the right words but, I guess convincing is what I mean, "Unbreakable" had a good storyline but in the end it wasn't very convincing.

My last three days off I managed to get my car washed, making me feel like I'd actually done something. This time I got a pink slip for it, which is quite unbelievable considering it's falling apart. So (after parting with an obscene amount of money in the near future) it will be registered for another year, and that means another year of procrastination before I replace the rustbucket. I hope that isn't how it goes- I didn't want the deadline of having to get a new car before the rego on this one was due (yeah I'm incredibly disciplined), but realistically I should aim to get one in less than twelve months.

Grumble grumble responsible adult full time job blah. I'm turning 25 in a month. That's a new demographic. Cheaper car insurance, that's about the only positive. I have to start thinking about *gasp* buying an apartment. After my recent bond fiasco I've vowed never to rent again- I'm living at home now which means minimal expenses and I'm getting good money, so my next move is going to be into a place I own.

Although I would kinda like to live in a share house in the inner west for a year, while I'm still young and embracing the pub/gigging lifestyle. We'll see.

I know I'm about seven years too late in asking this question but can I really start thinking like an adult while I'm still living at home?


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