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2002-08-14 - 12:03 a.m.

I was listening to Paul Kelly's "Comedy" today. I bought 3 or 4 of his albums last February that I rarely listen to because I have the Greatest Hits. It's bloody awesome though. Apart from one political song it's all light-hearted fun (hence the title), no strangled bodies in rivers or Dads spending Christmas in gaol. Occasionally my grin became a wry smile though...

"Don't Start Me Talking"

Don't start me talking, or I'll tell everything I know

Don't start me talking, I'll spill the beans for sure

Right before your eyes

I'll blow it all open wide

"Keep it to Yourself" (I think this is what I want people to say to me)

I've been sleeping on my own

Ever since you've been away

You've been moving all around

You came home today

Maybe you've been with someone

You met after the show

Keep it to yourself

Keep it to yourself

Baby I don't want to know

If you're guilty in your heart

Just try and hold your tongue

If you want to let it out

Baby save it for a song

I don't want your honesty

Or descriptions blow by blow

Keep it to yourself

Keep it to yourself

Baby I don't want to know

Look around you, we're living in amazing times

They're not so important- your little crimes

I've been sleeping on my own

But I don't sleep all the time

Twenty-four hours in one day

And sleeping's less than nine (yeah right)

There are many places in the sun

And many corners without you

Keep it to yourself

Keep it to yourself

And I'll keep my secrets too


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