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2012-06-18 - 6:43 p.m.

A follow up to my last entry- if for no other reason than the novelty of writing twice in three days.

Inspired by the idea that I should actually do some of the things I stress about not having time to do, I went for a run yesterday in the late afternoon. I also now have a table tennis table in my garage (along with a dartboard, couch and potential card table), thanks to Steve bringing his rarely-used-anymore table around and us putting it together (feeling very handy with my electric screwdriver which was a housewarming present).

Yesterday was the first day in ages it didn't rain, and the good weather should last through the week. That means we can get on top of the washing and hopefully next weekend do some gardening. Today I felt engaged and organised at work, and now I'm writing in here while watching TV rather than doing online quizzes.

Also, it's slow cooker weather which means no need to cook when we get home from work. All in all I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment.


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