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2008-09-23 - 7:34 p.m.

Okay, so what still warrants writing about nearly a month down the track? Friday 29/8 was Steve from work's farewell at the Korean BBQ place down the road. Had a couple of drinks beforehand and a couple after at the Exchange with Jo, Nathan, Steve and his fiancee Abbey. Saturday was Jo's 30th birthday party at Quay Bar downstairs at Customs House. There was a good turnout considering Jo left it pretty late to organise, and Jo thoroughly enjoyed herself. After the bar closed the stayers (Jo, myself and her ex-work friends Fran, Phillipa, Mandy and Nat) moved onto the Orient, where we stayed until about 4am.

Sunday was a writeoff for most of the day, but in the evening we went to the movies to use up some vouchers Jo had which expired that day- saw "In Bruges" which I thought was really good.

Thursday (4/9) I met Jo in the city to do some shopping- specifically a birthday present for my sister, Fathers' Day presents and wedding presents for the weddings we have coming up. We had dinner at the Grace Hotel because it was the only thing close by which was open after 9pm on a Thursday. We also got word on Thursday that Jo's Nanna was deteriorating, so we visited her after work on Friday. It's more than two weeks later now though and she's still pretty stable, so I'm not really sure what's going to happen- they're not expecting her to leave the Hospital, but she may yet surprise them.

Saturday (6/9) was another night where I spent crazy amounts of money. Having just bought a new car I'm looking back over my frivolous spending and thinking about how I really need to keep a lid on it- what with a Wedding coming up (and a honeymoon, and a friend's wedding in Perth we want to go to). I spent even more at Jo's birthday drinks- including 7 peoples entry to the Orient, and a round of shots and chasers totaling $135. Anyway- Saturday was Glenn's bucks day/night. Glenn being a friend of Mark and Marty's from Uni that I've known as long as Jo and I have been together. The day part of it was supposed to be cricket in Centennial Park however it rained more that day (and the previous night) than I've seen it rain in ages. Instead we had a BBQ at Glenn's parents' place in Coogee, before moving on to the Charing Cross Hotel. Glenn was flying to China for a week the next morning, and by the time the Charing Cross closed he was in no state to go anywhere else anyway, so Mark and I put him in a taxi (or in fact delivered him in a taxi to his fiancee at the hotel they were staying at near the airport) before heading back into the Cross- just the two of us- yes in the great tradition of future Bart in that Simpsons Episode, we went to a strip club in his honour. One of these days I'm going to wake up to the fact that just because I have an amazing girlfriend who is not (at least outwardly) threatened by such things, and tolerates such things, doesn't mean she necessarily likes it nor does it mean I should feel the need to frequent such places. Okay, if the buck had been there- no problem, but in his absence it was all a bit sad in hindsight.

I probably slept until 1-2pm on Sunday, before gingerly wandering down the road to do some shopping and check out the Marrickville Road festival. I felt a bit more normal once I'd had some Mayan coffee and a Kransky. And then I was cooking dinner for my parents, Jo's dad and her brothers for Fathers' Day. I got through that okay, but felt the worse for the excesses of the weekend by Monday morning.

Skip ahead a week at work and I'm back at the Whitlams' gig at the State Theatre, which I've already covered. Skip ahead another week at work (including Thursday night music trivia) and I'm at the weekend just past, where I picked up my car on Saturday morning after a quiet Friday night watching a girlie movie ("27 Dresses", which Jo picked on Netflix). Saturday night we went to my Parents' place to catch up with my Aunty Rosey and ended up catching up with a bunch of others from Mum's side of the family, while my Dad cooked up a veritable feast. Then Sunday was grocery shopping in the morning and Erin's picnic in the park in the afternoon.

That's all really- as usual I don't particularly feel like writing about work- much of the time I feel like I'm surrounded by either arseholes or idiots, with the occasional redeeming model employee, but other times I look back and think "gee, I did handle that well, maybe I am cut out for this job". But that's the tip of the iceberg...


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