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2008-09-14 - 8:03 p.m.

I think this entry will work best in reverse order. I mean, it gets a little tedious starting each entry with "where was I?", but it's a bit more exciting to start it with "I just bought a car!"

Yes, true to form, I started looking for a new car today and ended the day putting down a $1000 deposit for a car I'm picking up next week.

So here are the specs- 2007 Toyota Corolla Conquest, done 11,000kms, silver metallic colour, 6 stacker CD in the front (no more bouncing around in the boot), ipod jack, bluetooth so you can operate your mobile through the car stereo, 8 airbags, it's pretty schmancy.

I don't really need to tell you why I need a new car. I could probably link at 5-10 entries detailing unforseen problems with the one I've got in the last 5 years. What's exciting about this one is that it could last me 10 years or more. When I inherited my first car it was 9 years old and my parents had had it for 6- it kicked on for about 5 years, and I wasn't all that kind too it. The one I've got is 16 years old this year and I've had it for 6. I'm not someone who wants a new car every couple of years, and this car is an exciting new toy now, but will also make a great family car (did I mention 8 airbags?)

I really plan to take care of this one, and given that, I'm not concerned that I'm paying $28K for it (when I said I wanted to spend less than $20K), even with a wedding around the corner- because it was the car I had to get at some point, and I really didn't want to pay another year's rego on my current one (which of course I would have had to do if I'd wanted to wait until after the wedding to get a new car). Who knows what could've happened to this one in the next 12 months?

So we had an extremely productive weekend. I needed to get a car before October to avoid renewing the rego, and this weekend was one virtually sans plans. Yesterday after sleeping in later than anticipated (due to staying out later than anticipated the night before), we did some domestic stuff before heading down to the Garden Centre where I bought Jo's plants to get some potting mix. They all look rather fantastic on the balcony at the moment (the new ones anyway, some of my old ones I'm not sure that there's much hope for). And then last night we had a nice night in watching one of my Netflix selections ("Amores Perros", which lived up to expectations as the debut film from the director of "21 Grams" and "Babel").

Friday night was the Whitlams with the Symphonie Des Femmes at the State Theatre. The music was good even if the atmosphere wasn't exactly buzzing from the back row of the dress circle. Jo in particular enjoyed it, mainly because I think she'd like anything with a Symphony, but also because I think she feels less like an outsider amongst us crazy fans in a Theatre setting than at the Metro with dance moves to half the songs and words to all of them. We were there with Lucy, Meegs and Yas, and had a couple of drinks with Meegs and Yas at the Statement Bar under the Theatre after the show, followed by a couple more at the Townie (we probably stayed out until about 2am at the latest).

And just for the diehard tragic in me, here's the setlist, as I remember it:

Keep The Light On
Ease of the Midnight Visit
Blow Up The Pokies
Charlie #2
Year of the Rat
Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
The Road is Lost
Fall For You (band only)
Shining (band only)
I Will Not Go Quietly (band only)
There's No One (band only)
Cries Too Hard
No Aphrodisiac
Breathing You In
Met My Match
You Sound Like Louis Burdett
New Song (Tim solo)
The Curse Stops Here (Tim solo with Orchestra)
I Make Hamburgers (band only)

So I think I've still got about 3 weeks to catch up on, but I'm going to go and see if "Somersault" is any good (ie the Australian movie which is about to start on Channel something).


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