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2008-08-31 - 5:48 p.m.

So, where was I?

Sat (16/8) after a decent sleep in we did the grocery shopping and it was time to head off to my friend Tara's wine and cheese night (a Mary Mackillop Foundation East Timor fundraiser) before we knew it. There were a good smattering of Uni Friends there which was cool- Jody is pregnant for the second time, Tara for the first and Julie has a 9 month old baby, so it's not quite as easy to catch up as it once was. Tara's hotshot lawyer friend Sally and her husband were there as well and I always enjoy talking to them.

Sunday (17/8) wasn't particularly fun- Jo's nanna had a stroke and was in the Emergency room at Bankstown Hospital- the neighbours got hold of Jo's Mum, but nobody could get a hold of her Dad or Uncle, so went over there so that she had some family around. Jo's Mum, aside from being south of Campbelltown, didn't know if her being there would help since she's separated from Jo's Dad. So we spent half a day there, and it's obviously a bit upsetting when you see someone soon after they've had a stroke, but she's doing relatively well now (considering the size of the stroke). We probably got to the hospital at about 12.30pm, once Jo's Dad had been contacted and made his way from Goulburn he was there at about 3pm.

The following week was pretty hectic, organising Jo's birthday presents among other things. I pretty much had something to do after work every day- well, Monday I went for a run with Nathan that turned into a run/walk (his friend Daniella came along, and while she runs a little, 10km was out of the question) during which I turned into an icicle (if there's any chance that you're not going to be running the entire time when it's 8 degrees and threatening rain, wear more than running shorts and a t-shirt- trust me). Tuesday I stopped by the local Garden centre and picked out some plants for Jo's birthday. Our balcony lacks a little character (and it's not just the old couch as Jo would have you believe) and she's been keen to start decorating the balcony with plants and outdoor furniture. Wednesday I had to leave work fairly early so I could be home for the guy to deliver the plants. I put them out on the balcony, and with the blinds drawn, I could have just waited until Jo's actual birthday (ie Thursday) to present them to her, but I did it when she got home from work on the Wednesday.

Thursday (21/8), Jo's 30th Birthday, we went to dinner at "The Balmain Bug", down the end of Darling Street near the wharf. Once again we decided on a degustation- this one $99 each for about 6 courses- and I didn't get matched wines since I drove. The servings (at least of the steak) were pretty big for a degustation, and we were suitably (or more than suitably) stuffed by the end. The food was pretty good but the behaviour of the kitchen staff was atrocious. The place was empty bar us and one other couple, which didn't really bother us, but you could hear everything in the kitchen and the staff were carrying on like schoolkids- I don't really get offended at anything, but others do, and you can't swear when there's even a chance the customers could hear- they just didn't care. It only really got to me right at the end (I didn't want to get coffee because I felt like we were keeping them there against their will), so for the most part it was still a nice dinner. I think it helped that I had seen some negative reviews on Eatability (but then, even Tetsuya's has negative reviews on Eatability) but was willing to give it a go- we had a pretty relaxed attitude to the whole night.

Friday (22/8) I think was a quiet night at home, in which we watched our "Neverending Story" DVD- a lot of childhood classics lose a lot when you revisit them as an adult, but this wasn't one of them.

Saturday (23/8) we went to my cousin's farewell drinks in Darlinghurst- she's heading back to England after 3 years over here. I don't even want to think about how much we've spent on drinking and eating out this last month- but that's what you get if you go for cocktails in Darlinghurst. We didn't have a big night really- I think we left at about 1am.

Sunday (24/8) we had Yum Cha for Jo's birthday- with her family and my parents. Later in the afternoon we watched the second half of my sister's soccer grand final (which they won) in Meadowbank, before dropping in to see Jo's Nanna at Bankstown Hospital (as I mentioned she's a lot better- when we saw her the previous week I didn't think she'd be talking so soon, even if she can be a little difficult to understand).

I'll leave the last week until next time- I wish I had a quiet weekend on the horizon, but that certainly hasn't been what I've had this weekend and will definitely not be the case next weekend either. Argh!


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