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2008-08-03 - 5:55 p.m.

Quite a few times while Jo was overseas I'd be telling her on the phone about a crazy night that went on for much longer than it needed to, and how it was times like those that I thought about how if she was here I'd go home straight after the party/dinner/first pub, but with no reason to go home I ended up just staying out. So why on Earth was I the one pushing for the Townie on Friday night when Jo, Nathan, Lucy and I were sharing a taxi home from Mark and Phoebe's Engagement Party? It was probably close to 1am (surely they wouldn't have let us in if it was any later than that), and Jo sensibly decided to go home while the rest of us spent a couple of hours at the Townie, and as was the case at the Annandale a few weeks earlier I was the disgracefully drunk one of the group.

I think it's time for another alcohol free month. Although I'm not really trying to cut down on the amount of occasions I drink alcohol- just stopping at a more sensible point of the night, both in terms of alcohol intake and time.

And also- why do I resolve to let people to sort out their own personal lives and still manage to dispense unwanted drunken advise at 3am?

And also- I think that every time I've told someone we want them to be involved in our wedding in some way it has been late at night after many drinks.

I'm sure I'll grow up one day. But that aside Mark and Phoebe's Engagement Party on Friday night was good, and the cocktails were fantastic (that was the start of the problem :)

Yesterday after predictably sleeping in most of the morning, Jo and I had Pho with Nathan in Dulwich Hill before going back to his place to access the work server from his computer (because he is evidently more important than me and has remote access)- basically because I had to press a button, and said button pressing could not wait until Monday, and the other option would have been a 2 hour return trip to Kurnell. Then we watched 3 episodes of "Buffy", which is still better use of a hungover Saturday afternoon than a 2 hour return trip to Kurnell. We walked there and back, as we did again to Lucy's place today, which was nice in the winter sun, and perhaps partly offset the unhealthy binge drinking of Friday night.

And today Lucy made us a lovely Karen Martini Paella for lunch- I maintain I did not drunkenly invite myself over for lunch, I simply drunkenly responded to Lucy's complaint that I hadn't visited her new place in 6 weeks by saying I'd drop around on Sunday.

What else? No wedding appointments or decisions made last week. We went to see Bernie and Nic Dalton (and essentially a reformed Plunderers with a Hayes substitution for 3 songs) at the Rose on Wednesday, and I went to music trivia with Mark and Nathan on Thursday while Jo went to see her friend Thorsten get naturalised. I also had a couple of light beers in Miranda with Kellee- we hardly ever see each other outside of work these days. I ran the Sutherland to Surf in under 61 minutes last Sunday, which I was quite happy with (though it shows how easily I could have broken the hour).

That's all really. Oh, except "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" has come out on DVD in English, which is very exciting.


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