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2008-06-06 - 9:29 p.m.

So we're only a couple of days away from our Engagement Party. I went over to my parents place today and started to set up, and it's all looking pretty good. We're expecting about 120 people, which is more than we've ever had at my parents' place- and probably a bigger party than anyone in either of our families has been involved in organising. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm less stressed about it now than I was a week or so ago- everything's falling into place.

I think I last wrote two weeks ago (just after Grey's Anatomy in fact, and I promised not to write such a rushed entry next time). The following week was fairly routine- a run on Monday, but no trivia on Wednesday because I thought Jo and I really needed to sit down and sort out some party logistics. The next day after work we went to Dan Murphy's and bought about $400 worth of wine and Champagne. Friday was a night at home- in fact I cooked (or prepared as the case may be) a pesto pasta, Nathan came around for dinner and Lucy and Jo watched some girlie TV.

Saturday (31/5) we tried to get to a bank to sort out Jo's continuing saga of her freight from the US, didn't succeed (I thought our bank at Marrickville Metro was open for a few hours on Saturdays), went into Newtown, found a present for Lucy, had some lunch at at a Sri Lankan/ South Indian place on King Street (Kammadhenu- I recommend it for good value and authenticity) and then I spent an hour or so looking at CDs while Jo looked at clothes (I ended up with a CD, Jo came away empty handed). That night we went out to Blacktown for Jo's cousin Nathan's 21st.

Sunday was Lucy's Tea Party which was lovely. I'm sure she'll want to kill me for saying this but I worry about her sometimes, especially being so close and not being able to help, and it was great to see such fabulous friends coming to her party. And Jadey made my piano sound so good, and apparently she's Ben Folds to my Freeds (thanks Meegs :) I got quite tipsy during the course of the afternoon, and spent the evening watching "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" (I think I was about 12 when I last read the book and I must say the magic wasn't quite there this time around) while Jo made dinner (we didn't need much after all the effort Lucy put in during the day).

This week I've slowly been trying to do party related things- went to Dan Murphy's again after work on Tuesday, had today off work to go to my parents' place- still managed Wednesday trivia but didn't go for a run this week (also due to the fact that it rained all week bar today- it's touch and go for Sunday afternoon/ evening).

And that's all really. As I alluded in my last entry, Lucy's moving out this month. I think it's the right thing for all of us- we were happy for her to be here for longer, but the last thing I wanted was for her to have to move out on our terms (ie after we got married or when we just didn't have enough space for our stuff) and her have trouble finding a place and having to pay exhorbitant rent, or- worse still- move back home. I think her and Lorrance will have a ball.

Let's get this party started...


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