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2008-04-19 - 8:04 p.m.

Since Jo returned, I don't think we have had a weekend sans plans. Not entirely anyway- and even when we do there is so much to cram into 2 days- and I mean just the mundane stuff- shopping, washing, etc. So the V-Festival was back on March 29th, and that's about as far as I got in here. The next weekend- 5th & 6th of April, we went camping with Kim, Marty and Max. Last weekend we went out for dinner with Lucy, Steve, Phillipa and Richard on Friday night, stayed at home Saturday night (watched Casablanca on a laptop with Lucy) and had Francis round for dinner on Sunday night.

Let's just call that paragraph a framing session. If I'm finding less and less time to write in here I'd at least like to know what I did each weekend, even if not in much detail. I've been doing a regular Monday evening run with Nathan, which is good; and Lucy, Jo and I pretty much have the working week sorted out for dinners (unless there are specific plans)- Jo on Mondays, Lucy on Tuesdays, me on Wednesdays and Thursdays (so I don't have to rely on someone else getting dinner cooked by 7.30pm so I can go to trivia). The other nights work themselves out.

The week between V Festival and Camping we went to trivia on Wednesday night, the following week we both went on Wednesday night and I went to music trivia on Thursday night, and this week I gave both a miss because I was starting to get exhausted trying to cram too much into a week.

Camping down in Honeymoon Bay was nice. The Saturday (ie the only full day) was a glorious day, which we spent walking, on the beach or drinking beer at the campsite. The nights were cold but calm, except it rained in the early hours of Sunday and a bit infiltrated the tent. There's not much else to write about it.

Last Friday's dinner at Jazushi in Surry Hills was great- Lucy, Steve and I got sufficiently tipsy on cocktails at the Hippo Lounge, Phillipa and Richard met us there and Jo was waiting for us at the Restaurant. And the sushi and sashimi was fabulous. After 3 bottles of wine (between more or less four of us) and some sake I was a little more than tipsy, and after I think only one more drink back at the Hippo Lounge (just with Jo and Steve) we got home at a fairly decent hour.

Last night I went to the Lucksmiths with Lucy (shock horror- it turns out Jo and I are seperable after all :) Had Vietnamese in Marrickville first (with Jo and Lucy). Really enjoyed the support band- Cloud Control, who were pretty much perfectly summed up in a comment on their myspace page as "60's pyschedelic alt. country". I enjoyed the Lucksmiths but not as much as the last time I saw them at the Hoey with Lucy- I think that time I'd written off a lot of their new stuff and was surprised at how well it came off live- this time the same could be said but I was hanging for some more old stuff. I think the only songs they played that were not from "Warmer Corners" or "Naturaliste" were "Synchronised Sinking", "Edward! Sandwich Hand" and "T-Shirt Weather".

Today Jo and I drove down to Thirroul for Jody's 30th- where she announced she was pregnant with her second child. It was also good to catch up with other Uni people- Cristan, Birch (& Frantz) and Tara. Tomorrow hopefully we'll finally get to putting away Jo's suitcase (before her 8 boxes arrive) and do some other around the house stuff.

Then next week we have a work farewell on ANZAC day evening followed by a party, a games night in Greystanes on Saturday night and a BBQ at Jo's Dad's place on Sunday (plus music trivia on Thursday and Bernie with Gen Maynard on Wednesday). The week after we're having Jo's family over for lunch on Sunday (hmmm, better let Lucy know- consider yourself warned Lucy) and then heading to Nth Sydney in the late afternoon for Marty's birthday drinks, and the weekend after that is Mother's Day. And I think there's someone else's birthday drinks the weekend after that. Only four weeks to a weekend sans plans though :)

And we're thinking June 7th for our Engagement Party, but we're doing proper invites so confirmation will come in snail mail form.

I could do thoughts on work but I might leave that for another entry.


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