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2008-03-16 - 4:35 p.m.

Sydney seems to have found it's lost Summer, and it's quite glorious really. It's also kind of amusing that while I was braving a San Francisco winter over Christmas, Sydney wasn't really doing much better, but I got back in time for the good weather. So I'm drinking a Corona with lime and playing Summery music and not really wanting to think about going to work tomorrow. Having said that, there's only 4 more work days before I'll be picking Jo up from the airport. Hopefully after spending the Easter Weekend together and Jo starting her new job I'll be able to concentrate on work again.

I don't really have that much else to write about. Last night I had Steve, Nathan, Mark and Phoebe over for cards and a BBQ. Didn't do much during the day, except sleep in, clean the house a bit, watch the last two episodes of "Angel", talk to Jo and get supplies for said BBQ. Friday night I watched "The Last King of Scotland" on DVD with Nathan and Lucy. We won both versions of trivia this week, so Rowan and I have a bit of money on our Townie cards. Wednesday was quite amusing with a big Strongbow promotion going on (the Townie has sold it's soul I tell you)- we won a case of Strongbow in addition to the usual first prize, plus they had an in-between round with questions solely about Strongbow and apple bobbing and apple peeling (all very cringeworthy). Thursday night Rowan and Nick were there (the 3 weeks before that it was just Annie and I) and we were also joined by some random people whose team hadn't shown up.

Last Tuesday (11/3) Lucy, Meegs and I dropped round to see Kitty and Brian and baby Roisin. And last weekend- well on the Friday I was at a work dinner, when I would have much rather been at the Townie with Lucy, Eegs and Kitty. When I got there everyone was in high spirits and quite amusing. I ended up driving to the Townie straight from the work dinner, and rather than leaving my car in Newtown and drinking I had a light beer and a soft drink before driving Meegs, Nathan, Lucy and myself home. Saturday I was keen to have a cards night (not a lot of people were available, thus I had one this week instead), but I ended up going to the Podiatrist in Hurstville, dropping in on the folks, dropping in on Nathan and having a beer in Bexley, then Nathan and I went out drinking in Glebe and Newtown, picked up Steve along the way, stayed out until about 3am and felt a little the worse for wear and like I'd wasted a night the next day.

Then on Sunday night Lucy and I saw "Donnie Darko" at Moonlight Cinema, armed with a picnic dinner. That's more or less what I've been up to.


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