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2008-03-12 - 7:06 p.m.

Right, I'm going to take advantage of this half hour window before I go to trivia and write something in here. I just didn't feel like it over the weekend (or didn't get time), nor did I these last few days.

Work is up and down. I feel like even on good days when I am running around making decisions and doing stuff I have this cloud hanging over me that says I've bitten off more than I can chew. My team has some serious deficiencies and I don't know how to fix it. Yet the things that we're lacking in- I can't do them either. The things that nobody can work out, I can't work them out. Not that it's my job to- it's my job to find the people that can. But in the meantime I feel like there's only a handful of people I have absolute confidence in. And if I was one of them, well I wouldn't have absolute confidence in me.

My last entry was about Perry Keyes at the Vanguard on Sunday 2/3. What else did I do that day? Went to Yum Cha with Nathan, had a look at some of the houses he was interested in, probably watched something on DVD and had a couple of beers at the Exchange. The day before was pretty productive- on the back of my really good run I went into The Athlete's Foot at Centrepoint and bought some good running shoes. I also made an appointment with the Podiatrist (who I don't think I've seen since I finished Uni), and also some CDs. I bought a couple of Kings of Leon CDs ("Aha Shake Heartbreak" and "Because of the Times", Arcade Fire ("Neon Bible"), The Panics ("Cruel Guards") and Interpol ("Antics"). I only ran in my new shoes for the first time this Monday just past. My feet had some major blisters on them and I wanted to give them time to recover. I don't think it was due to the break of more than a week, but it was a pretty lame run (25 minutes vs 70 last time), and overall the shoes felt great, but I realised I'm still going to need to wear orthotics when I run in them (but until I get my new ones I'll run without them- I think the old ones aren't necessarily good for my feet anymore, nor would they do wonders for my brand new shoes). Didn't do anything that night except for watch "Garden State" at home with Lucy- which wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but wasn't bad either.

The social side of my working week has been like clockwork recently. Apart from Monday 3/3, I've been running with Nathan on Mondays, and generally cooking as Lucy has Yoga, and going to normal trivia on Wednesdays and Music Trivia on Thursdays. Usually I'll cook on Thursdays, as Lucy goes to the gym- and Lucy tends to cook on Tuesdays because it's more practical than Monday or Thursday. I keep tossing up whether to drive to Trivia, to ensure I don't drink more than is warranted for a school night (though truth be told I'm probably less worried about that than I am about getting a beer belly and spending too much money), but apart from that crazy hail day (when it took longer to park than it would have to catch the bus) I've been bussing it. Catching public transport I mean, not removing dirty plates from tables. And I've been trying to avoid dinner at the Townie at all costs, although I have caved a few times in the interest of social niceties- the new Townie bistro is woeful.

That generic wrap up takes me up to last weekend, which involved another disappointing work dinner and an unplanned big night, but I'll leave that for next time.


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