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2008-03-02 - 11:57 p.m.

For Lucy and Meegs, and for Fordie...

Perry dedicated "New Year's Eve" to anyone who knew Melanie. He said it was hard to play that song and not think of her, especially here (at the Vanguard). At this point Bernie yelled out from the crowd "Wooo, Fordie!" I'm glad I was there for that, to represent everyone else.

A certain person, let's call him Kermit, was also in the crowd. He was yelling out requests during Bernie's set- and when Bernie acknowledged them but went on to play a different song he yelled out "Boooo!" like a big kid. I've also clearly not been seeing as many of his gigs as I used to since he called me "Rav".

They were playing Bruce Springsteen between Bernie and Perry's sets. I thought this was very fitting.

It's kinda nice that it's not just us that gigs won't be the same for...


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